Bagged a bargin

Decided to nip to tesco for a few bits and while checking out the clothes on sale i found a nice pair of black pin stripe trousere 2.50
Great with my top for thur evening


  • Well done, i love a bargain.

    I also got a bargain today for Jessica from woolworths its a soft caterpillar that lights up when you cuddle it for £3.99.
  • excellent!! well done girls! I love a bit of bargain hunting! x
  • Gosh Emma thats a great bargain!! I usually do pretty well in tescos too!!
    Hope you have fun on thursday, what are you doing? x x x
  • Wow, well spotted Emma!!!!

    Is Adi taking you out for valentine's day???
  • Yeah! adis taking me out to the old siege house resturant and managed to get us squeezed in even tho they said it was fully booked,we are booked in for 6:45 the earliest booking that evening,means we can then sit in the bar after for a while,adis mum is having riley over night so we can do what we like which will be niec.

    Done more bargin bits today,went into ethal austins and they have reduced all their costume jewellery to 50p,i got me mum some bits and when i payed for them they were 40p each as they also have an extra 20% off.
  • You lucky thing hope you have a lovely time!!!!

    We're not doing anything special, apparently we love each other so much we don't need to bother with any of that romantic nonsense, in other words he can't be bothered!!!!
  • Tell him he has to,everyone needs a woohing every now and then,even if he attempts to cook you a meal.
  • we are staying in, my husband is actually a chef so hopefully he will be cooking me something amazing, instead of asking whats in the freezer...ha,ha!!
  • That would be nice.
    Fresh strawberrys and cream for
  • bless him at least he tried. We are spending the day moving the boys rooms around. So we will have a night without the cot 6inches from our bed!! I can't wait. It strangely coincides with it being valentines day as well!!!
  • I'll still be on here as usual!!! We don't really do valentines although i have got him a card as it's our 5th wedding anniversary in 2 weeks and we want to celebrate that properly!
    Hope you all have lovely evenings though! x x x
  • We won't be doing anything, Tony does not believe in valentines day, he thinks it is all a big con!
  • we wont be doing anything really, a card each and ant says he'll take me out for dinner saturday, but we'll see, would rather wait till pay day. plus ants working a late shift tomorrow so wont see him till about 9.15.

    hope you all have lovely evenings.
    kas xx
  • Well happy valentines to all.
    I made a strawberry cream pie today for us to eat later in the evening when we get home.

    His such a soppy git he has got me a love heart(like the packet of sweets)exactly te same bit in solid silver,its v.v.lovely.(shame i cant eat it tho)hehe!
  • Oh Emma, that's so sweet!!!!

    Have a lovely evening xx
  • I'll be going now as getting riley ready to go to nana moons for the night then ive got to get ready.
    Speak to you all sat as me and my cousin are taking the kids to the zoo in the morning.
  • Back to Bagging a Bargain...I just got some underground ernie trains in Poundstretcher £1.99 each! They are bigger than the little metal ones, but they pull back and whizz along the floor. Loads of bargains in there!
  • Thats good,i have no idea where my local one is up here,except when i was a kid living in dagenham,hehe!
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