birthday ideas for a 4 year old

Hi Everyone
My son is 4 in 4 weeks and we are really skint so i was wondering if anyone had any cheap and cheerful ways to celebrate his birthday.


  • Do you mean presents or party ideas?

    For presents its worth looking atthe clearance section on the argos site they still have some fab toys for boys although you may have trouble finding a store near you that has it in stock but its worth a try!

    For a party how about a pizza party he's probably old enough to make pizzas with some friends then perhaps create ice cream sundaes with lots of sauces/ sweets i think it could be done quite cheaply.

    When my brains working better i'll think of some more ideas and let you know! I'm sure others on here will have loads of other ideas too! x x
  • CAR BOOTS!!!!!! For both party pressies and birthday presents. We have a couple already open on sundays here so there should be some in your area. At that age they don't know if it's second hand and there's some amazing stuff to be had at bargain prices!! A few years ago, at christmas, I had no money at all so did the kids stockings completely from a car boot, they were the biggest and best ever!
  • Im not sure if you have seen my other post. But if you have a poundstretcher near you got there for pressies!! I bought three underground ernies trains, and two party presents for toms friend and some lego for him all for £14. Im going back tomorrow to start my xmas shopping!!!
  • I know early learning centre toys aren't particularly cheap but if you join the birthday club you get 20% off that childs birthday presents!!! I've just spent an hour on the site creating wish lists for both my 2!!!
  • Also check out if you have any designer outlets near you, the one I go to is Cheshire Oaks at Ellesmere Port, they have an early Learning and another fab toy shop with some great deals!
  • OOh We've been there loads of times Emma. My MIL lives in Wrexham so we always visit Cheshire oaks when we're there. Nigel loves it as he loves labels. Is that near you then?
  • Also try amazon, they are great for cheap DVD's and character toys - Thomas, Bob Builder, fireman sam etc,etc.
  • Hi Lucy! Cheshire Oaks is my favourite place on earth!! It's about an hour and ten away on a good day!! But well worth the trip! I'm going again in 7 weeks and planned another for July for their summer sales for even biggger bargains! In April, I plan to start my christmas shopping and that's the place to do it! Especially now that I have a huge van! Hehe!!!

  • I love that place too but have only been once and Gillan was with me so i wasn't allowed to mooch properly!!!

    Em can we please arrange it so i'm conveniently staying with you in 7 weeks time??!!!
  • Can be easily arranged!! Although have promised to take Beckie as a birthday treat for us both so might just have to take you another time (like before we go to the spa, so that we can treat ourselves to some essential goodies?!!)
    It's a tough life isn't it?!!!

  • I knew that we should have got a 7seater!!
    Jo - it's only YOU who's coming with me in July - that's OUR tradition!!
  • what about a fancy dress party, with all the traditional games.
    Musical bumps, pass the parcel,best dancer, best fancy dress.
    This is what we did for Lydia's 4th birthday and i had loads and loads of comments on how good it was.
    Cake wise, i made a basic sponge then there is a lady on e-bay who can do icing to put on the cake with your childs name etc for about £5 this is what i had done for my nephew and he was so chuffed

    Go to your local poundland/shop and get as much as you can from there.
    Alternitivly,ask him to choose 3 friends and take them all out for the day to somewhere like swimming/the zoo/park and mcdonalds
  • EmJ, is that the same seller you got Wills cake topper from?

    They're great ideas i love the idea of stickingto tradition and having good old games!!
  • Not the same seller but same idea!

    Talking of e-bay the crystals that I ordered for the wedding invites arrived today, but I had to go and collect them from Post Office HQ as the seller hadn't paid postage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I had already paid her £2 P+P and she would have only had to pay 40p but I have had to pay an extra £1 handling fee!!!!!
  • Emma did you pay with Paypal?
    Gillan says you need to contact the seller simply stating what happened and ask her to refund that amount. Apparently they've changed the rules now and you have to contact the seller then ebay if you get no joy before leaving negative feedback,just to warn you. It could be that it was a genuine mistake.
  • Contacted her straight away, and she blamed the post office but at that point I didn't know that it was UNpaid rather than simply underpaid!! Don't really want to cause bother as the crystals were Grade 1 Swarovski and she was far cheaper and quicker than others - and I need more so need to order again from her - will try and sort it out then - she offered to refund my costs even when she thought that the post office were to blame! I think it's genuine.

  • wow thanks girls. You've certainly helped with some ideas for jak s birthday now.
    I knew you were the ones to ask.
    Thank you
  • Hi,
    Just wanted to say that the Easter Theme is a good idea. The eggs are so cheap in the supermarkets you could give those out instead of party bags..much better and im sure it would work out cheaper.
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