so sad

oh well today i have made a very sad discovery..............

i am a grown up...................

i have found

my first grey hair

Right wheres the hair dye!!!


  • Quick........Pluck it out and no-one will ever know!! (Well, apart from ALL of us of course!!)
  • lol i tried to but it wouldnt come
  • Cut it out,its only one hair,will never show.
  • Oh no Sarah don't pull it out or you'll have a head of grey hair for Christmas!! One won't get noticed by others. Save the hair dye until a few more come through, that won't be for ages yet, (trying to make you feel better!).

    Zoe xx
  • Oh no Sarah but as the others have said it is only one!! My poor sister in law is only 21 but she already has a patch of grey hairs in just one place!!!
  • Nothing that a bit of hair dye won't sort out!! Rather the odd grey hair, then, horror of horrors...wrinkles!! Ha,ha!
  • You can always go and get some highlights done that way its well and truly hidden
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