At Last.............

Jake slept from 6.30pm through to 6am! Think he's been waking at 5am these last few weeks coz he's cold. Have adjusted the heating so it comes on at 4am. Have to turn it down in my room coz I'm roasting!

Hope you girls have a lovely Sunday.



  • Oh thats really good Marie, Well done Jake, it makes such a difference when you don't have a disturbed night. Now you just have to get him to sleep until 7:30 on a sunday!!!

    Hope you're well x x
  • YAY Weldone Marie - glad Jakes slept through and let you have a lay in

    Have a good Sunday aswell!! x
  • Marie, that is fab for you, Charlotte is getting there slowly!! Make the most of it....sleep how lovely!!

    Do you find Jake is in better moods for sleeping through?

    Zoe xx
  • Well Done Jake!! I bet you are made up Marie!!! I hope you are enjoying and making the most of your undisturbed nights!!

    Coming to think of it Bronwyn seems to wake up at 5ish! The radiator in her room is pathetic (end of the system) so that could explain it!
  • Luka is another 5am waker, he's in with us though I don't think he's cold.
  • well done marie, thats great news, you must be thrilled. heres to many more nights like that!!

    take care
    kas xx
  • Terry has now said our heating is coming on at 4am!!! Anything for another hour in bed!!!!
  • that's great marie....
    I wish that Seif would sleep for at least 5-6 hours without waking up at least once. When he wakes up, he still can't get himself to fall asleep again on his own so I have to hold him or rock him... anything that involves touching him so that he feels I'm close by him in order for him to sleep again.
    I know that I should teach him how to fall asleep again on his own, and I actually tried to do it - left him to cry and just pat him gently but did not carry him at all - but I didn't have the heart to go on. Why can't he have a cuddle if he needs one in the middle of the night? I'm knackered and hardly sleep but he's just a baby. Am I a real softie huh?
  • Zoe, He is much happier when he sleeps all night. He's getting a cold again though, all snotty last night and woke at 3.45am! I put him back to bed several times. I then couldn't get to sleep for ages! We got up at 7am! Jake has slept this afternoon, hope he's not up too late tonight!

    lol. x
  • Samiha, when Jake was small, his dummy would fall out and I'd be in there every couple of hours. I use to keep a stash upstairs! Even now though, he goes through different waking times several times a night. Every night is different! Wish I could have a full nights sleep withour being disturbed. Roll on when hubby's home, he can get up! 58 days left!
  • Marie glad you managed to get a good nights sleep the other night. Hollie is the same though she does a couple of nights where she wakes roughly the same time and i see a routine forming then drops it and starts another. Recently she was going to bed at 9 and waking at 12 for food. I stayed up to feed her and she didnt wake til 1. By then i was just falling asleep thinking she was going to sleep through. And now she goes to bed the same time but has started waking at 2. This routine will only last a few days though i expect.
  • they like to keep you on your toes Karen!!
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