Good Luck Tasha

Just wanted to say good luck at the dentist today, im sure everything will be fine, but let us know how you get on xx


  • Hehe Simone Thankyou!!!
    I have to say i'm relieved to be going but absolutely terrified i'm dreading this afternoon even though i don't think they'll be doing anything today, i'm just so embarassed about how much needs doing ! (and at least it's still free)
    Oh well, it'll soon be over! Thanks again! xxx
  • Good Luck Nuts!!!

  • Now you're gonig to confuse everyone Em and they're gonig to wonder who the heck Nuts is!!!!!!!

    But thanks anyway!!!!! x x xx
  • Tash, If they pull any of your teeth, I promise to have a word with the tooth fairy ( I know her quite well these days!) and get her to wrire you a letter!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry, couldn't resist!
  • Hehehehehehehehe
  • Good luck tasha,your be fine,i have one done to.While your in the chair think of a nice place to be.
  • Morning Tasha,
    I said it in the Easter Egg post, but good luck again. It will soon be over, and don't be embarrassed, dentist would have seen people with far worse teeth than yours im sure. Just think that it will soon be over! Hows Amber this morning? Running around yet????!!!
  • Good Luck for this afternoon Tasha!!

    I'm sure you'll be fine
  • Hi Tasha,

    Good luck!! You will be fine, remember all I've said!!

    Zoe xx
  • Good luck Tasha. I hope everything goes ok for you. xx
  • Thanks girls!
    Well i've been a VERY brave girl!!! The dentist immediatly picked up that i had a bit of a phobia and was very gentle with me!! I was right and my teeth are in a bit of a state due to me avoiding going for 2 years, he gave them a clean as there was a bit of tatar build up and an x ray and like i thought i have an absys so need antibiotics after he'd done all that he dropped the bombshell that he was gonig to extract a babytooth root i have, TODAY!! He then didn't give me a second to think about it injected me and got it out!!! I have to go back for more treatment in 2 weeks, he only works mondays and next monday is Ethans birthday so there was no way i'm going then!!!! So I'm back there on the 10th

    Oh by the way i now know i'm a total PP addict as when he was pulling the tooth i lay there thinking about some advice zoe had given me to help and how we'd all have a chat about it!!!!!! I definately need help!!
  • WELLDONE TASHA!!!! knew you would be ok - and glad your dentist was so good - mine was too when he saw how nervous I was lol

    What are you having done in two weeks?
  • Hi Tasha,

    You see I do have my uses!! I'm glad some of the things I said helped, you might think your strange thinking of us while you were in the chair but it would have been a good distraction for you.

    Good luck with the course of treatment, make sure you finish it especially as it's free!! You know where i am if you want to know more about what's being done.

    Take care, Zoe xx
  • Well done Tasha
    You were very brave and im glad it was not to bad for you, at least you didn't have time to think about the tooth being pulled out!

    Hope it feels ok now, i had an absys just before christmas and it hurt like mad, so i know how you feel! xx
  • Well Done Tash, Can't believe how much that must have been hurting you for the past few weeks!!

    It really was a very extreme way to get one of my tooth fairy letters!!xx
  • Well done Tasha, you were very brave. I hate the dentist too but i really should go and get a check up whilst it is free. Maybe i day!
  • Well done Tasha, did you get a sticker!!?! Its best he just did it then and there, no time to think about it...!
  • No i didn't get a sticker!! But i treated myself to a bowl of custard when i got home!!!

    I'm afraid the treatment i'm having in 2 weeks is another tooth out (i told you my teeth were in a state) but i knew i'd lose it, it's crumbled but it's a back one anyway so not too horrific. I should think i'll be needing some fillings too but the dentist didn't mention those, he was being careful not to overwhelm me and scare me off!!!!

    Karen, Go to the dentist now, don't leave it like i did, after my pregnancies my teeth have just crumbled and it would be good for you to have a checkup before you concieve again, don't mean to nag but i'm paying the price of waiting now

    Zoe, your advice was fab thankyou, i wiggled my toes like mad!!!!! xxxx
  • ahh, well done tasha, hope the absyss soon gets better, and im sure the treatment wont be too bad in a couple of weeks, just make sure you have plenty of choccie in to cheer yourself up.
  • Hmmm i need to register with a dentist first. And i too am dreading it as i havent been for years because my appointments kept coming through when i was away at uni. I should really go soon incase i get pregnany because then i won't be able to have any work that needs doing done.
    Ok i will get onto a dentist in the morning and try and register. Aaarghh the thought of it makes me feel sick with nerves.
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