Blackpool Pleasure Beach

We are off up north in the Easter Hols to visit the inlaws and Terry's friends (he comes from Morecambe) we are thinking of a trip to Blackpool. I've never been before. Just wondered if you had been at all and what its like for little ones? I know Tom will love it, but don't want Tate being bored. Just waiting for Tom queuing for rides etc....


  • Hi Nicola,

    Sorry, I'm with Stacey on this one. We go to Blackpool most years but have only been to the pleasure beach once. There is a small section of rides for little ones and that's it. Tom would be ok but your little ones would get bored I suspect.

    My two like to have a donkey ride and some hot dognuts. There is a huge Sealife Centre on the front near the Tower too. There is a Zoo at Blackpool although we've not been so I don't know what it's like. We also go on the Pier opposite the Pleasure beach, they have rides suitable for little ones. But most importantly as far as Jack's concerned, there are trams to ride on!!

    Zoe xx
  • Tesco clubcard vouchers can be used at the sea life centres. If you order now you should have them in time otherwise it can be an expensive palce to visit.
  • Thanks for your help girls! I will use my clubcard vouchers good idea Tasha. As I haven't been to blackpool before I haven't a clue what is there really (obviously a beach, the tower and pleasure beach, but don't really know what else!!)

    Tate would love the sealife centre, and maybe the zoo. I don't know what I would do without your help girls!!! Thanks again.

    Tasha - hows Gillan today?
  • I had £20 in clubcard vouchers, so just ordered some 'days out vouchers' £80 worth and you can use them at blackpool tower and blackpool zoo. and theres places down here I can use them too. So im really chuffed with that!!!
  • Wow that good nicola,i saved my vouchers for something nice and just used mine to pay towards mothers day flowers for both my nans and my mum.

    I dont get a post thing to say how you can change the for day out vouchers,all i no is 10pound in vouchers get you 40pound in goldsmiths.
  • I just ordered them on went into clubcard deals. Thats great you can order your flowers and use the points. I do like tesco, we haven't got a big one near us. I make Terry take me to Lakeside every 2 or 3months! Thats a day out for me!!!
  • Oh my cousin does that with me lakeside,rings me a 4ish and says be ready by 5 to go and we dont get back till late,i like it and its fun.
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