i have a little problem cud anyone advise please ??????????

Hi Stacey,

I can't give you advice from experience as I haven't been there, but you are definately doing the right thing going to the doctors. If you can get hold of your doctors surgery before you do the school run ask them for advice about Harry.

Let us know how you get on.

Zoe xx


  • Hi hun yes go to the doctors as they can give you medicine to give,if not i'll ask my sister as her youngest had hit,yes i do believe that you have to treat the whold family unfortunatly as it can be easily passed.
  • Worms are so common, even more common than nits except no-one talks about them.

    You need to boil wash all bedding, pyjamas and underwear. Make sure ALL nails are very very short so nothing can get down them. Separate towels for everyone until its all cleared.

    Be VERY VERY strict about washing hands after toilet times and before meals etc (I am strict but my boys do try to evade washing)

    I don't think your tiny little one can be treated with the medication but I'm not 100% sure so best to ask your gp.

    The worms come out at night in the dark so thats when the children itch their bum without reaslising. Vaseline on the bum works as the worms can't bite cos its so slippy. Apply it with a cotton bud covering the *centre*

    Hope this has helped......can you tell I've had this problem a few times!
  • That's great advice.

    I must admit I wouldn't have known what to do but I do now.
  • treat the whole family hun and wash all bedding, jim jams and stuff on quite a high setting.
  • Poor sophie had it last year and was old enough to be mortified so we called them 'germs' rather than worms as didn't want her getting frightened! We all had to have the medication and it has to be repeated, I think it's a week or two later.
    Cut all the kids nails short as this will help to stop them being passed on.
    Get advice regarding Benjamin as I doubt he will be able to be treated, but it's probably highly unlikely that he would as our son didn't and no-one else that we know to.
    Take care x x
  • Glad you got it sorted,hope lil benjamin dont get them then,and i cant believe the school head,how bloody stupid is she its not like his a teacher,his a pupil.Take her some evidence not the note(sorry but what does she expect)
  • my sons playgroup would be the same. I've seen a list of infections and diseases that the kids are not aloud to be there with.
  • Stacey,

    I can't believe the Head wants proof, she should be thanking you for your honesty. Lets face it there are people out there who would keep quiet and send there kids.

    Hope Benjamin manages to avoid getting them.

    Take care, Zoe xx
  • Emma - That's a great idea to take the evidence!!! Would definately serve her right - as if you're going to make something like that up!! If you were pretending, you'd at least think up something a bit more glam?!! lol
  • the head sounds like a nacker, what does she think your taking him on hoilday?
    anyway hope your all better soon.
    we just got a letter from the school on fri to say ther's head lice going round. school ages eh?

    btw, do worms come from pets? how do people catch them?
  • good question kristy...where do they come from eh? We haven't had personal experience yet, but with three boys who avoid hand washing Im sure the time will come!! Toms school has a real problem with head lice, he has to have his hair grade 1 and I religiously spray tea tree oil on it everyday!
  • Hi - I'm not sure where the worms come from, just that they pass from human to human very easily through their eggs which are microscopic and sticky so a child scratching their bottom and not washing their hands and touching someone else who then inadvertantly touches their mouth will get them. Doesn't affect adults as badly as our guts are more mature. There was a great article in PP about these kinds of things a few months back!

    Worms from animals can be passed on but not so easily but in very young children the consequences can be pretty grim so if you have very young children and animals, keep their worming up to date.

    Nits are my particular nightmare, my niece and nephew were always riddled with them, I remember going out on Xmas day to a pharmacy to get something to wash them in as they'd come to stay with me and my parents. My niece had her long curly hair cut off most times she came to stay as it was the easiest way to get rid of them. They made me feel physically sick! I check Bon almost every day.
  • i haven't been able to worm my cat for a while now, like 6mths it's been, don't think she's got worms, she has no sign of them but it's bothering me that it hasn't been done.
    i can't do it my self as i come out in a rash off her when i try (allergys) and hubby won't help me.
    going to have to get some help soon with it
  • Kristy, isn't it just a tablet that you add to their meals? It is with dogs!
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