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Evening all !

Child is in bed,OH watching t.v. so i have this all to myself.

Whos about tonight then.


  • im here for a bit before dh goes "on line" with his x-box how are you tonight??
  • Not to bad,hubby to wants to go online with the x-box,might let him later.What game is your hubby into playing.Adi's with the racing ones.
  • It's been so quiet on here tonight!!!!

    I'll be on for a bit longer but may have to sort Amber out, she's teething badly and is quite grotty
    Gillans just come back from tescos with 2 dozen roses for me so i'm a happy lady!!!

    How are you?? xxx
  • Men can do thing if they put their minds to it,bless him what a lovely fella.You lucky lady.

    Sorry to hear ambers not to good with the teething,how's the upset belly,is it any better.
  • i think her bad tummy was caused by the teething but obviouly because of gillans bug i thought the worse, she hasn't poohed since so seems ok

    I just need us all well on monday!!!
  • Fingers crossed for that hun,and hopefuly the teething was the cause of her tummy.
  • Thankyou!
    How's Riley now? xxx
  • Hi Girls,

    I'm here. Jack and James are in bed, me and Charl are up. She's pottering about so i'm leaving her to it, hoping she'll tire herself out.

    Have you all had a good day?
  • Well done Gillan!!! Thats lovely Tasha, that he's managed to surprise you. Fingers crossed you can all have a good nights sleep and a lovely weekend....It is quiet on here tonight??
  • Sleeping at the mo(hopefuly stays there)he came into us at 4:45 this morning to say he needed a poo and was on the potty for 20mins bless then he got into bed with us and slept till adi got up at 6:30,but today he seems better in himself but still has a bad belly.Hoping he sleeps better tonight.
  • Ahhh bless charlotte, my mum used to get away with staying up late as a child as she just sat and played nicely!!!
    Did jack have a good day at school? xx
  • Oh i hope he's back to normal in the morning emma xx
  • Bless her,she must have loads of energy,riley does but would be realy red eyed by now if still up.
  • Hi Girls,

    I think she just likes to wind up mummy!!!!! She's got the lovely new bedroom done and for a while she went down fine. She's gone back to not going til late but sleeping better. I can't have it all at once!!

    Jack had a good day at school thanks. He wants me to 'help' on a school trip he's going on and I can so I'm going to put my name down on Monday.
  • Glad he got on fine Zoe, it may well help going on the trip, you can spot who the trouble makers are!!! xxx
  • Evening Girls,

    I've just logged on after visiting Ala Asda lol

    How are we all? My cold seems to be lingering which is crap as i'm suppose to go and see my friends baby neice tomorrow - so hope it starts clearing back up again.

    Whats everyones plans for the weekend?
  • Quote:

    Not to bad,hubby to wants to go online with the x-box,might let him later.What game is your hubby into playing.Adi's with the racing ones.

    god Gears of war and it does my head in seriously!!!!
  • Thats lovely,hope you go and have fun.
    Im going to put my name down at rileys school as they are asking parents if they have spare time to go into the upper classes and listen to the kids read as the teachers get over stretched trying to listen to 30 kids read to them.

    As riley goes in the afternoons and most days i have nothing to do but come home and veg out till i pick him up,i think it would be great.

    Sarah dont adis the same and we got an emial the other day saying the next one is due out nov,he went all nuts like a kid at xmas.

    Thanks tasha,im hoping his better tomorrow.
  • Tasha, It may sound bad, but that's why I want to go to be able to observe things although I have no doubt with me present, if they let me go, normal behaviour won't be shown. Jack has asked me to help so it's important to him which also makes me a little suspicious. I shall let you know on Monday.
  • I should have said, the topic this term is the ocean, etc so it's a trip to the sealife centre in Birmingham. I'd love to go!!! We've been to the one at Yarmouth and that was good fun. I'm suppossed to be an appropiate adult, not another child!! I'm sure I can disguise my excitment.
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