Im abit lost

Ahhhh You Soppy Mare!!!!!!

Beck, It's fab you're on here but what you going to do when you're back from your sisters and have no internet access??? You'll be getting withdrawal symptoms!!!!

Hope Jareds ok and enjoying his time with Aunty Vicky!! See you on wednesday!!! xxx


  • Hi Becky,

    Welcome to PP. You have obviously heard alot about PP from Tasha, but it is a fab site.

    I'm Zoe mum to Jack and Charlotte.

    Take care xx
  • hiya becky, hope you are enjoying pp!!

    you'll have to get yourself access to the net when you get back.

    hope to chat soon
    kas xx
  • Hi Becky
    I'm Marie and mum to Jake. Welcome to pp. This site becomes very addictive!
    lol. x
  • Hi Becky

    Im emma, mum to riley.Hope to chat soon,and with the rest of
  • Welcome Becky,
    I'm Samiha, mum to Seif from Cairo, Egypt. Lucky you to be tasha's friend, as she's one of the very helpful friends I've made on pp - always jolly and supportive.
    Put a picture of Jared on a ticker and post it pld.
    Hope to chat soon
  • Hi Becky!! Lovely to meet a friend of Tasha's. I love the name Jared. Hope to chat more soon x
  • ooh Thats lovely Samiha thankyou, it's very sweet i'm feeling all popular!!! hehe

    I really should have said yesterday what Becky's done for me, she's the most loyal and most giving friend you could have and without her i doubt i'd have got through the difficult months with Amber. Her and Amber have an amazing bond and she's one of the few people i can easily leave her with. We live on the same estate and we've both found it wonderful having a friend to swap favours and children (!) with! xxxxx
  • Hehe!
    Adis cousin is like that,she has been a god send in the past year but i dont feel ive let her know that enought sometimes.
  • Hi Becky,

    I'm Sarah and Welcome to PP - you have to makesure you get the internet so you can come and spend time with us online

    Look forward to chatting!!! x
  • HIYA BECKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have got to charm Robert, would be great to chat more often, rather than passing messages through Tash, you could order all your crafty bits direct then!!! hehehe!

    Kisses to Jared, see you friday x
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