free postage

Um im not sure where else you may get free p&p, i'll keep my eyes open,if i see anything i let you no.


  • Not sure if Amazon do free but its usually cheaper so the p&p doesnt out weigh the cost in the shops etc if that makes any sense at all lol
  • Amazon is free if you spend £15. I just bought Roary DVD and Big talking Chris for less than £15 for the two (so I bought Tom a book as well) All worked out less than half the price of the shops.
  • When you say a Dora The Explorer beanie do you mean a little beanie soft doll type thing? If you do I have one of my dd's practically brand new shoved on the top of her wardrobe if you want it?
  • You can have this one if you want it? Its sitting there all lonely doing nothing
  • dawn, you have really made me laugh!!! how funny xxx
  • Quote:

    Sorry you have lost me there!? - You have a muppet? well I occasionally call my husband a muppet but he takes it as a compliment!

    Oh - I see, - a dora beanie - gosh I have just ordered and paid for it from Amazon now. That was really kind of you though - thank you! this head cold is really making me a bit 'dizzy'.

    LOL not a problem!!!
  • My husband NEVER calls me Lucy.
    He's called me Muppet for years as he said thats what I look like behind the wheel of a car
  • Oh thats not nice now is it.
    This is going to turn into a nick name thing i can see
  • Im choking on my Easter egg reading this im laughing so much (ps I blame Tasha for the Easter Egg fetish!!!)
  • Now now we dont want you choking do we.
  • oh no not easter eggs again!! I'm still trying hard to resist although I did share some of Tashas gooey pud today! She actually threatened to take a piccie and post it on here to show that I wasn't being as good as I said!!

    Roll on easter Sunday - I plan to eat one for breakfast, lunch and tea! ( then re-start the diet on Monday!!)
  • Good for you Emma!! Im going to try better, I've eaten so much chocolate today. Im v.bad girl x
  • I have given up all 'goodies' for this diet and have to say haven't really missed them! I have actually appreciated chocolate more when I haven't had it for ages! Hope I can make this a permanent thing and put being a chocoholic behind me! We'll see!!
  • im still thinking of being hypnotised still!!!
  • Ok Boo. I'm only telling you. So dont tell anyone else.
    Its......................... GONZO!!!!! ssssshhhh!!!!!
  • Oh and just to rub salt in, Katelin keeps saying to me ' hello muppet'
    She know's she's being cheeky, and because we all laughed she says's it over and over.
  • Ahh i like gonzo.
  • Thanyou Emma.
    He's my fave too!
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