How Was Baby Show Sally?

Hi Sally,

How was your weekend in London? The Baby show? Did Milly enjoy her time with you in the city?


  • Do we no when the next london one will be as birmingham is a bit far for me to go i think. I would love to go and meet you girls there.
  • Probably in the autumn as there have been two in London in the past few months, I think Earls Court had one in October. I can't make Birmingham either, too far with two children on my own and hubbie won't want to come. Pity, still, there is always later in the year at the next one!
  • Defo,where abouts are you then nicolette.
  • Oh London is good for me but depending on ttc situation may try and go to Birmingham to meet up with the girls!

    Where abouts is everyone? I'm in Orpington, Kent
  • Im colchester,cant make that more exciting sorry.

    Ive been looking at profiles and we are all over the place.

    I think kent is the closest to me realy.
  • London is closer to me than Birmingham
  • London good for me too...sounds like theres a few of us now??
  • Hi all, I never got there... lol

    the lady i was going to meet for the buggy couldnt make it, so we went anyway for a trip to london.

    Got the Buggy tho... its fab, just waiting for the toddler seat to arrive from New Zealand. I'll put some pictures of it on my facebook. my surname is Gee if anyone is interested.

    We had a good time, dispite milly having S & D, took her to the zoo, and Planet Hollywood (which she threw up all over the table) and she was really good on the tube etc.
  • Oh bless her,poor mite,but sounds like you had a good day anyway.

    We will all have to try and meet at the next london baby show.(sally where abouts are you)

    Hope milly is feeling better soon.
  • Im sorry you didn't make it and Milly wasn't well. Sounds like you had some fun though!!

    Glad you got your new pushchair how fab

  • Im in Nottinhamshire so it will be a while till i get to london again. Dont think i will be able to get back till the twins are walking ehough not to need carrying/pushchair. this could be a good few years yet.
  • Sorry to hear you didnt make the baby show sally, but glad you had a good time in London anyway. Sounds like you enjoyed. I hope Milly is better soon.

    I have just noticed the twins were born a day before Hollie. She was born on 29th september.
  • Londons good for me too. Would be good to meet up later this year!
  • Tell ya what,why dont we all meet in london liverpool street station and go for coffee somewhere.
  • That would take me back Emma, haven't been there since I worked in that area!
  • I remember when we used to visit our friends in ware(kent),get to and would miss our connecting train and get the one after so we could go for a mac D,as adi thought it was the best thing.
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