Am I the only one?

Am I the only one to see a Christmas advert at the side of the PP screen in March?!


  • Nop your not going mad its still there.Just goes to show they update the comps and news but forget us lot
  • I can see it too! Want to see spring blossom and sunshine NOT snowflakes!!!
  • oh yeah, just noticed!! Surely it should be easter bunnies, and summer holidays! X
  • lol, just noticed too,id seen it but not taken any heed of it.
  • I've still got mine and it's starting to annoy me!! Better than that car advert though!!
  • i've only just noticed too
  • I did a post on this about 4 weeks ago, you would think someone would have noticed it by now!!!!
  • Has everyone who gets PP by subscription had theirs?? I still haven't. V.sad xx
  • LOL hadn't noticed that before lol
  • Nicola, I've still not recieved mine either.
    May have to go and buy it
  • Boo I remember you doing a post when you subsribed, so you could go back through the posts and find it. was it for a year? I will help you look
  • Aha, Boo, I found it. it was 16th August 2007
  • I was old today by staff in wh smiths that there could be a delay in delivery so i might not get mine till fri,will defo subscribe soon.
  • There is definitely a problem, as I've not received mine yet. Im really sad!!! x
  • Yeah! i went to tescos and got mine today,they were finally in and luck you seem to have one of thoes familar faces(feel ive seen you somewhere before)lol

    Congrats on your winnings,riley loves our micky mouse toaster as it burns his face into the toast,now hw has a smaller breakfast so he can have micky house toast as he calls it.Beware tho as it makes the tune when the toast pops up.
  • LOL Emma.
    You have seen me before!!!!!

    Cant wait till they arrive, but have a sneaky suspision that it could be a while.
    How long did you have to wait?
  • Samiha's in there too!! It was great to see a picky of her and Seif. I finally got mine today!
  • Hi Lucy,i might not have but i do feel ive seenyou somewhere before.Ever come this way for a holiday

    An i had a quick flick through and had'ent noticed samiha,but looked back and found it,samiha your gonna have to do a pic on here sometime so we can see you properly.
  • Bought mine today.

    Absolutly everywhere had last months issue but finally managed to get it today!!!
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