Book Week

Sophie is loving it as all the teachers swapped classes yesterday to read to all the children. They are going to the library today and having a book sale tomorrow. Then on Thursday, she is to go as her favorite book character, and could she go as something simple like Dorothy or Sleeping Beauty?....No, my beloved daughter wants to be the scruffy princess from Sir Charlie Stinky Socks! I have spent the last week trying to get a blonde wig and a Tutu and finally succeeded in my mission last night! Now all I have to do is make a green crown and sew flowers on the tutu!

Will post piccies on thurs if all this works!!

Is anyone elses school week being taken up by book week?!!!!


  • Sounds like she know's what she wants,our pound land has play wigs and fairy tutu's in at the mo,i think they have a make your own hat thins aswell.

    Im not sure if the nuserys do it yet,wouldnt no as riley didnt go yesterday.Should ind out today if his up to going if they are doinging anything.

    Good luck with it hope all goes well.
  • I think that they usually do but on a more toned down scale, hopefully you won't be told that you need to find a dressing up outfit overnight!!!

    How is he this morning? Bet he's missed nursery?!
  • Sorry added to that but it never said.oh well.

    Yeah his missed nusery,bless he keeps on at when can he go,i told him when his belly better and he keeps saying ''riley fine mummy''.After a good night lastnight im hoping his much better today,OH is at the DR this morning so his going to ask about it.
  • Morning to you both Emma's!!

    Tom has to dress up as a favourite book character...was goin to do Horrid Henry, he now wants to be Dr.Who!!! Haven't got anything so far!! And its tomorrow....
  • How about a coat of yours/Terry's and a long scarf and hat?
    Though thats Tom Baker and he might want to be David Tennent.
    Does he have a suit he could wear with a pair of trainers and the sonic screwdriver of course!
  • Lucy, Im so annoyed, I threw out his sonic screwdriver last week as it was broken!!! I can't find a suit jacket, thats just what I need really. He wanted a leather jacket (he wants to go as David Tennant!) He's got some new converse boots he wants to wear - he says thats what dr.who wears!! Its actually on thurs so I can have a quick rummage in charity shops 2mrw for an old jacket/blazer
  • Nicola, Woolies are doing all doc who toys BOGOF.
    Time for a new screwdriver me thinks!!
  • I know, terry would go mad if I bought another one!! as it wasn't such a good toy, Tom had it in bits as did Tate really quick. I will scour the charity shops tomorrow, we have so many here!!!
  • Good luck in your quest!
  • There is a Dr Who bath set, think it might be asda or one of the big supermarkets) that has a sonic screw driver in, this might solve your problem Nicola! Just remember to empty the bubble bath!!

    I have spent the entire evening fastening flowers to a tutu and making a green felt crown - it all looks amazing yet my little sulky princess has gone to bed in a mood as apparantly her top for the day 'isn't quite right!!!'
  • I thought it was supposed to get easier when they got older, ha,ha!!! Toms always needing costumes for something at school, they only tell you at the last minute as well! X
  • O.M.G i just got rileys to nusery and his teacher told me they will be dressing up tomorrow,she had forgot to tell me this yeaterday when he went back so im now going to shoot into town and get some pink fabric as i no riley love all his wibbly pig stories and im gonna make him a into a little piggy,so i will hopefuly be on late to tell you how im going.
  • Wow Emma, you got your work cut out for you. Not alot of warning!
    Hope it turns out ok.
    Lets see some pics of Riley wearing it!!!
  • Well i looked for and hour in the remanant shop and couldnt find any fabric in the right colour so change of mind and went and got him a scooby doo costume from woolworths,i no i cheated but if i had the fabric i think a lil piggy wuld have been great.


  • sorry for the size photo bucket has changed its editing system and it wont save the changes.
  • Omg, how cute is Riley!!! He loves scooby doo so must be well chuffed!! I think thats great Emma, especially as you only found out today!! XXX
  • Wow! Emma, I bet Riley's really pleased?!
    Sophie went to school in her long blonde wig and tutu and loved it, will post piccies on here soon!

    Nicola, How was the Dr Who outfit?

  • His a scoob doo fan big time,he now think's its him new pj's bless him,just had tantrum as he wanted to wear it to bed,defused it by giving him his transformers pj's.
  • oh bless him. I can't wait for Tate to get into dressing up. All he likes at the moment is his bob builder hat! I have a whole sackload of dress ups for him from Tom.

    EmJ..doc who was fab. I only have a pic on my phone so not sure how to get that on here!!! he was so chuffed as he is obsessed by doc who!
  • How did Riley get on today Emma as Scooby Do? Bet he had fun xxx
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