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I got an interview for cccu

right forget all the health crap as i just dont have time for it, i have got an interview at cantabury uni for my midwifery degree!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i know things arent ideal but this is my dream its what i have been busting my ass off for and its what i wanted to do before baby so if i cant have baby then i can and i will have this!!!!!!!!! soo i know i can rely on you guys to be happy for me because i swear the next person who says are you sure ur ready is going to get beaten up with a squirrel. this is soooo what i need to get over all thats happend.

lolly xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Fantastic news, really happy for you. Sod anyone who thinks you are not ready for it, you will make a fantastic midwife and like you say, it is your dream and I always believe in following your dreams. Go lolly xxxx
  • Whooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooo!!! Really fantastic news hun, I could'nt be more pleased for you!! You are going to make such a fantastic midwife!!! yippee!! Wishing all the very best of luck for your interview hun (not that you'll need it)!! image x x x x x x x
  • i got an interview lalallalalalalalalallalalalalalalallalalalalala im a happy bunny
  • Congratulations Hun,

    I am really pleased for you, and I think you have the perfect oulook on life to be an excellent midwife,

  • Lolly that is ace! Don't listen to anyone who tries to put you off. If you think you are ready for this then you ARE ready!! And like you said, you have wanted this for a long time, and we can't put our lives on hold forever can we?? You've spurred me on to enroll on my crochet course!
  • aww bless ya moon n stars!
    this is such a horrid and isolating condition and we really cant let it rule our entire lives!!!! so get out there and do that crochet course!!!!!!!!!!
  • woooooooooop wooooooooop!!! Soooo so so pleased for you hunnie, YEY!!! woohoo! xx
  • thats super hunnie, soo pleased for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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