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I'm impressed!!!!

well i have a confession to make!!
I dont normally buy PP, but the other parenting magazine that i usually buy was trash so i brought a copy of PP. For starters there was less adverts, junk paper and nonsense in the mag and there was a lot more about children and not just babies and pregnancy. Well done PP i will be subscribing to you now!!


  • Its such a fab mag isn't it!!!

    I've been buying it for years. It doesn't matter how many children you have there's always good advice!
  • Hi Sarah, I think its the best magazine I have bought it gives me lots of real advice and doesn't just try and sell you things. Glad you are enjoying it xxx
  • I love the pp mag, my mum prescribed it for me when i was pregnant with Jessica and im so glad she did as i found it really helpfull and also i would never have found this site!
  • I found you guys by mistake but now buy PP Magazine - even though I have no baby yet - theres so much advice in it about babies, pregnancys what to expect etc

    My only problem is - I have to go to the same newagent to buy it and I think if I don't get pregnant soon I will have to stop buying it - other wise there gonna think i'm mad LOL
  • Well Sarah, the answer is to treat yourself to a subscription and get it at the same time as the rest of us!!! Plus is cheaper!!! A win win situation!!!
  • Get your subscription with Clubcard vouchers and its about £8 for the year!!
  • ahhhhhhhhhhh didnt think!! i have some club card vouchers in my "money off" bag!
  • lol my mum brings my post in though so think she'll suss as we haven't told any of our family about ttc lol
  • Don't know if you girls are aware but you can buy pp mag with tesco vouchers for about £8 for a years subscription.
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