fao nicola

HI nicola,
ive just tried replying to your pm, but it wont let me im afraid, didnt want to seem rude, so thought id reply here instead.

thanks for the message, v sweet of you to think of us.
tara woke at 11 last night, but in the process, niamh woke up having a bad dream, so we took her into our bed and fed her (she took the full 6 oz) then, whilst waiting for niamh to get back into her deep sleep, we kept tara in with us,but all fell asleep (ooops), but she slept very soundly and we didnt hear a peep from her till we had to waken her at 7!! ( i had to be at work at 8).

we were late home this eve, so the girls didnt go to bed till 8, so im hoping she wont need another feed, but if she does wake, i'll feed her definitely!!

anyway, enough about us, how are you all doing with the sleep issue?! has luka any teeth through yet?
and how are you feeling now? still got a sore throat? its horrible when you feel ill isnt it? us mummies dont get the option to take days off.
hope you are all well
take care
kas xx


  • Hi Kas, no worries about the reply hun. We are all ok. Luka and Tate have both been going to bed quite early between 6.30/7pm. Luka woke last night and fed him around 9pm he slept fine until Terry woke him getting up for work aaargh, so I was awake from 5.30am!! He has stirred tonight but not fed him..yet!! Hope you have a good night Kas. Im just really tired xxx
  • hi nicola, received your pm again, but for some reason it still wont let me pm you bcak, it just says your adress wont accept them.

    hope you had a good night last night. ive been feeling a bit unwell lately, and have realised its sinus probs. never had them before so it took me a while to realise what the problem was. got some stuff for it today and feeling much better tonight.

    tara sleeping much better now thanks, we are giving her a dream feed and not hearing from her till 4 am (ish). so by that time, shes done most of the night in her cot, so a couple of hours in with us doesnt worry me. the first night we did it, she slept the whole night in her own cot, so i was thrilled. i must say a huge thankyou for your support and advice.

    hope luka is doing well!!
    take care and hopefully chat soon.
    kas xx
  • Thats so wonderful, especially if she just goes to sleep with you at 4am, you don't mind as long as you get your sleep eh? And she is not disturbing Niamh. Luka's fourth (and final for now) tooth just started breaking through today so maybe after that we will get some more sleep. I was a bit frustrated last night as fed him at 10ish and he woke again at 3.30am. Still feeling a bit under the weather and just really,really tired, but kinda getting used to it now!!! I had sinisitis when luka was born it was really painful. i think i've got something wrong with my settings at the moment so will check them xxx
  • My settings were wrong...it was set to 'no' for receive pm. Don't know why, it wasn't like that the other day!!!
  • i am pleased nicola. so hopefully ill be looking at a really happy post soon saying lukas tooth is through and hes back to sleeping through the night again.

    this sinus thing really knocked me for 6, i had pressure in my head and for 2 weeks felt like i was on another planet!! very weird.
    just hope its gone before the weekend.

    im sorry last night wasnt too good for you, hopefully itll be better tonight. let me know how it goes.

    kas xx
  • Thanks kas, he just had this peircing scream in boots this afternoon. Several women were saying the usual ooooh is he hungry???? I was like 'no he NEVER cries' he's in alot of pain he's teething. I just wanted to get him home. When he did noticed the last tooth just breaking through!! I hope we are on the 'home straight' now!! until more bottom ones start coming through!

    The good thing is with these teeth is he's chewing his food really well and eating all sorts of new things!

    I hope your medicine works and it clears up soon, i remember exactly what its like I had it after a bad cold and chest infection I was so poorly when I was giving birth that they gave me an epidural as I hadn't slept for days with the sinisitus!!! X
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