Apparently this is our job!!!!!

That's what my darling hubby told me at 5am this morning when Amber decided it was breakfast time!!! He then repeated it when i was with both kids downstairs from 6am while he slept!!!

I do understand that he works but he sleeps in at weekends too, i always sort the kids out at eveni9ngs and night and pretty much the only thing he does is cook ( which is great but i do most other things)

So I have been the dutiful wife and martyr today, blitzed the downstairs and done the tescos shop but my god i'm clocking off at 7pm and i'm coming on here for a natter for the duration of the evening!!!

After poking him in the eye!!!!!


  • To contiue from my thread about Milly's Sty.

    Last night Nina was up most of the night, was in bed with me from 1am. Mick had the ordasity to complain at having to get up to Jack 3-4 times. This was at 7am, after I had already gotten all three babies washed and dressed after 2 hours sleep, and was heading down to make breakfast for everyone. It is really annoying, Mick isnt even going out to work at the min so should have no compaints when asked to look after the kids while I get an early night, no such luck.

    He thinks that my coping mechanisam is to screem and shout at the babies, whenever they start crying (nina especially) he complains about it soo much. I told him thismorning that it isnt helping, but he says he says things because he knows how their unrest distresses me!!! so he makes it worse, by calling the twins things like pains in the a$*e and proclaiming about ninas screeming,

    I get about 4 hours sleep per night, we share getting up to them in the night, but mick sleeps through when i get up, I wake up at the slightest noise from their room. Then I'm up with them as soon as its light which is about 7am at the min, then I wash and dress 3 babies, go downstairs and feed 3 babies, do washing up, (mick may get up, but still wont help with anything, possibly bring a baby down with him so i dont have to make an extra trip) tidying up from the night before, feed the babies again, maybe get some washing done while they are sleeping, feed them again, get them ready for bed and then he complains that I'm knackered by 9pm and want to go to bed. He says that i should be able to cope because i go to bed 3 hours before him, but i explained that I have to be up and active 3 hours before him too.

    We used to joke about things being my 'only' job. If there was a birthday forgotten or something else not done, mick would say, 'but it was your only job!' thankfully he has stopped saying that now as it seems that my ONLY job is to run the world. and even atals struggled with that on his shoulders.

    Sorry for the rant, but you can tell I needed it.

  • Men hey, Ian is exactly the same. Hollie has started waking for night feeds more often too and gets up early too. I am breastfeeding so it is my job to do everything with her because of this. He didnt want me to bf and so thinks he cant look after Hollie because she may want a feed.

    He too complains if she wakes him early because i take her into our bed to have a tad bit more of a lie in. She usually chatters so much that i have to get up so as not to disturb his sleep. So by the time he gets downstairs i have fed Hollie, washed her, dressed her, swept the floors, mopped, polished, done the dishes and sometimes ironed before he even gets up. But i do it because i am female so it is "my job". And because he sees me sitting down to feed Hollie during the day, i apparently have an easy life sitting down watching telly all day.

    He he this post has turned into a rant about men!

    Tasha you should enjoy your evening talking to nice people on here who understand how hard a womens life is lol.
  • Oh and yesterday night after i had cleaned all day and hoovered upstairs he stood on the landing cutting his nails. When i told him that he should stand over the toilet and do it, he told me it would gove me something to do today.

    Lol i love him really but sometimes he gets on my nerves.
  • My poking in the eye suggestion seems to be catching on, lol.
  • LOL!! Good suggestions do catch on!
  • Tony is the same,it is my job to get up to Jessica and also my job to do everything around the house.
    He seems to think it is easy staying at home looking after Jessica and running the house, i would like to see him do it, he has never got Jessica up in the morning!
    I work a bit as well, only 14hours a week and he moans and sais i am lazy as i don't work enough! if he did more around the house and took Jessica out when he has her maybe i would work a few more hours!
  • I work a 40 hour (or more) week and do everything around the house. When its just me and Bronwyn its easier. Then as I am doing things with Bronwyn I get Gareth hovvering around me moving stuff and moaning that I've not put washing in the basket or that i left a nappy on the floor. He doesn't seem to appreciate that Bronwyn comes first and I couldn't care less if there are nappies on the floor!!! He is tidying up whilst I am at work at the minute! Well, to a fashion anyway!!

    To be fair to him, he needs to relax and is managing to get all the washing and drying done. Plus sorting out the kitchen! And vacuuming!!

    He bought me a dvd last week and made a comment that I've not watched it yet! Bearing in mind i've been busy all week so far and was away for the Christening over the weekend, when have I had time!!

    What are men like??
  • Oooh have i started something here??!!!!

    Gillan's actually been quite sweet since he got home and complimented me on the kitchen!! He's now putting Ethan to bed too! I feel a bit bad as he had a look on pp and saw this post oppppps!

    Sally, as usual, you have my complete admiration for how you cope!!

    Simone and Karen, Sorry your men don't have a clue what it's like either!!!!
  • I agree ladies. When my hubs was home on leave, he was on leave from us as well! Our child fed, cleaned and amused. Dinner was cooked if I put it down in front of him, cleaning done in front of his eyes and all the housework. He would be tired by lunch then have a sleep!
    Needless to say I have booked him to get up early when he's home next and a few days won't hurt as I've done it for 6 months!
    Sorry for the rant but much better now!
    lol. xx
  • Wow ladies kick them into shape.

    I would gladly moan about adi but he does try and help now and then but when his backs playing up i let him of.When riley was born i brestfred for 3mths then he became a hungry baby and i couldnt keep up with milk supply so started to express for the night and breastfeed during the day,adi would get up and do a few night feeds for me so i could sleep and most mornings he would get up with riley and go into the frontroom and watch the racing so i could get a lay in(he was of work for 18mth with severe headachs)he was such a star.

    He still does put riley to bed with a story when his backs not playing up,but also works weekend nights so dont have the time then.
    But now rileys 3 his eager to be up and about when adi gets up for work at 6:30am so we all get up washed and dressed,hw even does it at the weekend so i get up with him and let adi lay in or a bit,i dont mind realy as im awake as soon as its light or riley comes in(i have tryed getting him to get in our bed for a extra half hr but no luck)

  • hehe, what a post!! made me laugh reading it all.

    ant is generally v good and does help but only when i ask. hes fab with both girls and will do anything for them so no complaints there. just wish he'd think of putting on some washing or hoovering etc without me asking!! cant have everything i suppose lol.

    hope you all feel a little better for getting things off your chests
    take care
    kas xx
  • yeah great post!! I feel a bit mean having a moan about Terry as he is generally v.good, and getting even better with some training!!! He hadn't even lived with anyone til we got together and now just 3and half years later he's got me, a step son and 2 boys of his own, a cat and a 3bedroom house and had to trade his bmw in for a ford galaxy, so he hasn't had it easy!!! ha,ha xxx
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