Hi everyone, We are having a weekend away, no kids 2 whole nights at a nice hotel wooo hooooo!!!! I hope it happens (we always talk about it but then don't do it!) We really need a break and some time to ourselves so my parents have offered to have all three boys for us. For some reason I have always wanted to go to chester. So just reasure me, is it nice there? Or do you have any other suggestions for weekends away that won't blow the budget?


  • Ahhhh Nicola that's lovely! Gillan and i had a night away in a gorgeous hotel when ethan was 13 months old it was heaven!

    Do you have any tesco points left? thay can be usedfor the marriot golf and country clubs which are fab!! xxx
  • Just been looking at Chester Grosvenor and Spa. Amazing but out of our budget. We are going in May so might have some more tesco points by then!!!
  • Gosh that sounds nice!!
    Good luck with the points saving xxx

    How are you? x xx
  • Good thanks Tasha, been at work 12-8pm so just relaxing now. Fancy a cuppa but can't move!! How are you? Recovering from the festivities?? x
  • I'm exhausted!!! Think it's all catching up on me!! Plus as of last week we have new neighbours and they really are proving to be our worst nightmare, they were screaming in their kidsbedroom (adjoining ours) between 1am and 4 am last night using a lot of f words it was shocking and kept me awake so feeling more tired and really low about it.

    Ohh sorry about that, needed a rant!!!
  • oh tasha thats awful, what will you do? you don't need that? hopefully things will calm down though soon. Im just wondering whether to go to bed or watch eastenders!
  • lol i think i'll have to head to bed in a min,my eyes are closing!!!

    I think we'll probably move,we've been wanting to for a while and this is just a push, theres no point complaining to them it really will make things worse. You should see them, they're horrific letting their toddler play out the front sit on his mums lap in the front of the car!!! And the screaming, well thats just ridiculous, the dad wasin the garden tonight while i was bathing the kdis and was screaming and saying f***ing over and over, ethan could hear it clearly the guy sounded vicious as if he was gonig to hurt someone it's justawful
    Sorry you're a sounding board!! xxx
  • Thats alright Tasha, theres nothing worse than neighbours from hell. Makes you feel trapped. We are living next to a building site and I thought that was bad!!! I would love to move too. Best time of year to get looking now xxx
  • Yeah i know it is but i dread the thought of selling theh ouse for a start i have no idea how i'd keep it tidy for viewings!! It's a shame because our neighbours on the other side are wonderful and have become family friends and although we want to move quite soon anyway i'm angry that we're being pushed! I have to say there was no noise last night Saying that they all went out after the shouting incident at 7pm strange as they have school age kids and toddlers so maybe they just didn't come back last night?! xx
  • Hi Tasha, Well im glad they didn't disturb you last night which is good. Bad neighbours are such a pain though. Hope they sort themselves out. If its really bad just report them, as you shouldn't have to put up with all that noise especially when you have little ones xxx
  • Gosh tasha,does sound like you got noisy neighbours from hell.
    We should hopefully be moving soon,have been on the bidding and exchange system for over a year now as it on medical grounds coz of adis back,we live on 2nd floor flat,we really do love as the view is great and so are the neighbours,plus its a really big flat,but him getting up the stairs is proving a problem when his in pain.
  • That sounds lovely Nicola - i've never been to Chester myself but I have a friend who lives that way and shes raved about it.

    Tasha - sorry to hear your having problems with your neighbours. I can symaphise 100% with you - when we moved here we thought our neighbours were ok but last summer they were a complete nightmare - in the end it ended with a massive argument and us not really talking to them and just tolerating them.
    We're quite lucky that as they have 4 kids in a 2 bed house they put them to bed at 7pm but that means they wake up at 6am - screaming and shouting. Now we've moved rooms its ok but last night I cam home to the little boy shouting "for f**k sake" - hes 5!

    Sorry now i've started ranting!
  • I'm not too far from Chester and I really love going there

    Hope you get some time away asap
  • Chester is lovely
    Shrewsbury is nice too!!!!
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