Pictures of cameron

It's been a while since i posted pics of the wee man so here he is!!!



  • Aaahhhh, he's gorgeous!!!

    I love his name too. I'm pregnant with my first and Cameron is on my shortlist for a boy.
  • Thanks Sally, i think so too but i'm biased !!!

    Congratulations on your pregnancy, how are you feeling?

    I had a long list of boys names, but Cameron was the only one we could agree on!!
  • I feel terrible actually.

    I've been off work for 5 weeks now. Being and feeling constantly sick. I'm dehydrated too so I'm making a real effort to drink 2 litres of water a day. I've also got some windows open today and the fresh air is lovely so I think that is helping.

    I'm hoping that it will pass in the next couple of weeks. The thought of it carrying on throughout the whole pregnancy reduces me to tears.

    Are you OK? How was your pregnancy?
  • Hi Dawn, how are you?

    It's so lovely to see some up to date photo's of Cameron. He looks very chilled out on the first one!!

    Hope to have a good chat soon,

    Zoe xx
  • Hi Dawn,

    Cameron is adorable, i love the pic of him with his whoozit it is huge. Is that the one you had sent to you?

    Karen x
  • Hi Girls

    Zoe - I'm fine thanks, enjoying a quiet day at home!! How are you?? The first picture sums him up perfectly, he's a very chilled out little chap!!!

    Karen - Yes that's the whoozit he won. It's great, he trails it everywhere with him!!
  • Can't wait to have a look at the piccies when Im at home, for some reason they don't display when im at work!! Not long now til Cameron's bday, have you got anything planned?
  • Hi Sally

    I'm so sorry you're feeling so rotten, i hope it passes for you soon.
    My pregnancy was pretty much problem free. I had morning sickness throughout the 1st trimester, but i was really lucky and it usually passed by mid morning and i felt well for the rest of the day. I was just very emotional and would burst into tears at the slightest thing, John came home one night to find me sobbing because we'd run out of tea bags!!!!

    I really hope you start to feel well soon and can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy xx
  • Hiya Nicola

    How are you and the boys??

    I really can't believe he's going to be one in a couple of weeks, it's come around so quickly!!!!
    We're having a birthday tea on the Sunday and then on the Monday(his birthday) we're going to a local farm park for the day.
  • Hi Dawn his so grown up and looking like a lil heart breaker.

  • Wow Dawn i can't believe how much he's changed, he's even cuter!!!!

    Looks like he loves that Whoozit!!! x x x
  • Hiya Dawn

    You have a very cute little boy there. He really is lovely.
    I cant believe he's going to be 1 soon.

    Its weird to think that when I first registered, Cameron, Amber, Boo's Ethan and Tara were all around 5 months old and now 2 have already had their first birthdays.
    It almost feels like I have seen them growing up. Sounds strange,I know.
  • Thanks Dawn. The tea bag story made me laugh

    I'm emotional too - I can cry at anything at the moment. Owen, my poor husband, is being amazing. He keeps thinking that he's upset me when I burst out crying when really it's him being so nice, caring and supportive that's making me cry.

    His friend did warn him early on that I would go 'mental' so not much is shocking him.
  • Dawn i'm glad he likes the whoozit. Hollie has a small one and loves it so i think she will have to have some more.

    Sally. it will all be worth it, hormones do funny things to you when you are pregnant. But it sounds like Owen is looking after you well.
  • Aww Dawn - Cameron looks a real cutie!! very gorgous indeed

    Sally - sorry your not feeling too well. Are your work ok with you being off or are you working from home? Hope you feel better soon x
  • Hi Dawn,
    The pics of cameron are gorgeous. I love that age. He sounds like he will be having a great birthday. Im just home from work, The littles ones are in bed and Toms at Tae kwon do. Terry's just cooking me a nice dinner. yum xxxx
  • Hi Dawn, love the pics of Cameron. I am feeling the need to buy Bronwyn a whoozit as everyone praises them so highly! Cameron obviously enjoys his!!

    Sally, I hope you are feeling better soon!
  • Hi Dawn, its lovely to see piccies of Cameron, cant belive how much he's changed and grown. hope you enjoy his first birthday.

    take care
    kas xx
  • Thanks Sarah. I'm not sure that work are very happy about it but they have little choice. My doctor has kept signing me off so it's good to know that I have his backing. I do feel bad about not being there but there is no chance that I could do my job feeling like this.
  • Thanks Caroline.

    I don't want to seem negative but it's nice to have someone to moan to other than my husband and my mum (good for them too )

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