Hello, how's everyone today?

How are you all on this miserable Thursday morning?

I've got a very grumpy boy today, he really isn't his usual cheerful self !! I think he's got some more teeth coming through as his fingers seem to be glued inside his mouth!!
Even Thomas didn't cheer him up, usually as soon as the theme tune starts he gets quite excited but today he just screamed and clung on to my leg

We're off out later so hopefully a change of scene might help!!

Anyway, i hope you all have a good day and i'll hopefully catch up with you later.

Bye for now x


  • morning
    i am miserable, and fed up
    never mind i can go to bed in 12 hours!
  • Hello,

    I think we are in for a fairly good day. Hollie stayed in her cot all night last night and was still happily talking to herself when i went to get her at 7.45 this morning. She has had her breakfast and a bath and is now having a nap. So i think her teeth aren't bothering her too much today.

    Dawn i hope Cameron isn't too bad today. It's horrible when they are teething and nothing cheers them up. Hopefully a change of scenery will help and will also give you a break.

    Sarah, why are you feeling miserable today? Hope things look up for you before the end of the day.
  • Morning
    We are having a lazy day today, Jessica got up at 8.30 and had to go straight in the bath as she is having the most disgusting nappies at the moment with her teething!

    Took her to beale park yesterday afternoon, which she loved and went on a little train.

    Hope you all have a nice day xx
  • hello

    having a crap day

    i can barely walk, keep going dizzy and cant find my maternity notes!

    gotta pick robert up from nursary at 1

    just wantt o curl up and sleep forever
  • Hi Girls sorry you're both feeling rough sarah and claire just think it'sa 4 day weekend!!!

    My parentr have had ethan this morning andthen dropped him at playgroup, i'll collect himin 2 hours so it's been nice for Amber and i!! We went to music class where she had a great time then a long nap, she's only just woken up!!

    I'm gonig to blitz upstairs and get all the washing put away then hopefully can sit and have a play with amber, she had a bad bout of reflux in the night so i want a bit of quality time with her.

    Hope you all have a nice afternoon x x x
  • Afternoon Girls! My little ones are still poorly so we skipped toddler group this morning. Had my carpets cleaned they are lovely just like new. So new rule is now we must have the mess mat out at mealtimes (weird house, laminate everywhere downstairs but carpet in dining room??? Not our choice) We took tate to a big toy barn place which sells second hand toys and new ones really cheap. Got loads of wooden track really cheap (Emj its the big jiggs stuff you told us about) But he was so poorly didn't even want to play. So he's had a bottle and gone to bed. He won't eat at the mo. So having a quick break by being on here! XXXX
  • unfortunetly i have work on saturday! :(
  • Hi Claire, when do you next see the midwife hun? You should have your blood pressure checked if you are feeling dizzy??? Hope you are ok and having a rest. It is tough being pregnant with a toddler in tow and even more so when you are in pain, so big hugs to you xxx
  • Hi Nicola,

    sorry your boys are poorly Amber's ok today but was very poorly in the night with reflux so i'm going to dose her up with the gaviscon today

    what do you have planned for easter weekend?? x x x
  • Hi,

    We have had a nice morning. Ian took Hollie and i up to the place where he has been working this week. It is full of fire engines. Hollie loved looking around, and so did i he he. Their used for shows and things so there is a mixture of old engines, ladrovers, a green goddess, a really ancient cart with a ladder and hose that used to be pulled by horses, and an old army fire engine with a trailer and water pump. Ian put the lights and sirens on in one of the newer engines and Hollie was so i intrigued about where the noise was coming from.

    Nicola, sorry to hear your little ones are still unwell. I hope they get better soon then Tate can have fun playing with his train track.

    Tasha, enjoy your time with Amber. It is so nice your parents can have Ethan for a while so you can spend time alone with Amber. How is she today?

  • Hiya Karen that sounds like a great morning!! Ethan would have adored it!! What is it that Ian does?

    My mums great and has Ethan at my house every thursday morning while i take Amber to music, but my dads off work at the moment so they had him at their house from 9am!! Ethan has an amazing relationship with my mum which is lovely, he spoketo her on the ophone yesterday and asked if he could stay overnight! He hasn't done that yet but looks like he's more than ready!!

    Ambers' ok thanks she's just exhausted from being up most of the night with reflux i think she ot it yesterday because she had more solids than she's ever had and due to her afternoon nap she had a late tea so i'm timing it for 4pm today!!!

    How's hollie getting on? x x x
  • Hi Tasha,

    Ian is self employed at the moment he sells number plates, mugs and graphics. But he has been working down the depot this week to get the engines ready for the shows in may. He has managed to get a few up and running that havent been working for years, so he was very pleased with himself yesterday.

    He is driving one of them, not sure which yet, to the shows in may and Hollie and i will be going with him. It's a shame she wont be old enough to understand as she will love driving in the engines.

    It's funny you shold say that because i did think when we were down there how Nicola's boys and Ethan would love it. I think i am getting addicted to pp lol. But i remembered a post Nicola wrote about how the firemen let Tate sit in the fire engine when they had smoke alarms fitted.

    It's nice that Ethan has a good relationship with your mum. We dont see my parents enough but Hollie is starting to like them, she used to scream the whole time we were down there. Now she is getting used to my dad, mum and one of my sisters and is happy with them. I hope you have a trouble free night tonight. How is Amber getting on with her solids?
    Hollie is fine, she is loving food at the moment. But it is really strange that we have to plan ahead and take things if we are going to be out over food. Something i am going to struggle to get used to after breastfeeding.

    Sorry it's so long. xx
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