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O/T cholesterol test..anyone had one??

Hi everyone just thought id let you know asda are doing free health check at their pharmacy...daibetes test cholesterol test, blood presure and BMI.

I had mine done today, didnt need appointment just got seen straight away...

looking for advice by anyone else whos had one done though...

cause with my cholesterol test she said the amount of blood used had to go up to the black like on the dropper thing and it wasnt quite there when she tested cause she could get any more blood out of im scared i got a false result...i got 2.5 which is low, so i just want to make sure this will be right. the lady who did it said it was her first time doing ti, so another reason why im wary xx

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  • hi never had it done like that, as I always go to gp and have blood test. I'm 34 and have had mine done regularly since losing mum when I was 16 as she died of heart disease.

    if yours is 2.5 thats very good. I produce a lot of bad cholesterol (runs in family unfortunatly) and at my highest it was 9.2 which gives me the cholesterol of an obese 60year old, heavu drinker / smoker and I'm a size 10 34year old light drinker/ no smoker!!!
    I've tried everything from exercise regimes to low cholesterol diets and nothing lowers they want me on statins but i've been holding off due to side effects and birth defects!

    If you are unsure i'd go to your gp and ask for one

  • Just to say boots do these free to. Or they did a couple of years ago when I was working there.

    Like claire a belle, high colestral runs in the family. My mum has just started taking statins, and it has reduced hers quite significantly. I dont think she suffers from any of the side effects. She does have the spreadable stuff that is meant to lower cholestral and the yogurt style drinks in a bottle. She has both of these and says that she has noticed her cholestral stay the same rather than rise above 7. Might be wortyh giving them ago if you ahvent already.

    lauragcam.....give your local boots a ring, the pharmacist is the only person who is allowed to do it. Alternatively you could go to the gp.
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