im 18 and all alone!

Hey all,

Hope everyone is ok, bumps included. When i found out i was pregnant it was somewhat of a shock. I had been out the day before and brought a brand new car.

My sister was the first to know as she was at home with me at the time. When i told my mum, she said that i had no option but to have an abortion which made me more emotional. When i went to pick my man up from work (I had borrowed his car for the day) i had to tell him. He went off the handle! we sat in a service station for 2hrs taking. Noting was decided, he wanted to get rid of it and i wanted to keep it. I am now nearly 26 weeks and we now both feel keeping bump was the bast thig we have ever done.

As we said there would never be a right time to have a baby. There would always be a problem, the house is too small or money is too tight.

Everything happens for a reason and we wouldnt change things for the world.

Hope everyone is ok,

Trina and Bump
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