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James Cook Hospital - Middlesborough

Hi & welcome to the North East.

I live near M'bro. I didn't give birth at JC myself but 2 of my good friends did and they didn't have anything bad to say about it. 1 of my friends was really impressed with the midwives on the labour and post natal wards so I don't think you've got anything to worry about.
I hope you're not too disappointed at missing out on your home birth. What village are you living in? My in laws live in Great Ayton - don't know if you're anywhere near there.


  • Hi

    Has anyone recently given birth at this hospital or are planning to? I live in a village on the North Yorkshire Moors and I have to go to Middlesborough to give birth. I really wanted a home birth but previous pre-eclampsia with 2 births and being 40 odd mins from the hospital meant I had a big fat NO from the midwife. Plus as I due in December midwife was concerned about the weather and getting to us!

    Would really appreciate anyones experience of this hospital as I have only just moved up here from dont have a clue about the area!


  • Hi Vic

    Thank you! It is always reassuring to hear something positive, the hospital trust has come top in a report recently so have my fingers crossed that in general it is a good hospital.

    I live in Danby which is in between Guisborough and Whitby, but we rescued a cat from the RSPCA at Great Ayrton!

    Thanks for replying.

  • i was born there!sorry that isnt much help im nearly 19! hehe.x
  • i had my baby there 5 weeks ago and i thought the midwifes were brilliant x
  • Hi Hayley and Freddiesmummy!

    Thanks for really does reassure me. I am back there in 3 weeks for my next scan.

    Hayley your baby is real cutie!

  • lol thanks she is a rite little chubs x
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