I have used my maternity exemption card to get my free perscriptions.
I was just wondering if anyone has used their card at the dentist, and what exactly can you get done for free? My filling has fallen out so i need to go.

i have tried to look up what is free but cant seem to find anything.



  • its only nhs stuff thats free so if your with an nhs dentist i think its all free...
  • Im nearly sure it is all free too.
  • Yeah it's all free - within reason!!
    What I mean is you can't just walk in and demand to have all your fillings changed to white ones and get veneers on all your teeth ! lol
    But if it's anything the dentist advises then it's free!
    Bout time we got summat free!!
  • thank you very much for your replys......... i'm going to get in there asap!
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