I'm a newbie! any mums from Orpington, kent?

looking for mums to talk to from orpington kent! x x


  • Hello georgette,
    Im not in the club yet but i am trying, im around your area, how far gone are you? is it your first? let me know.
  • Hi there emmab1.

    i'm not pregnant anymore (shame!) but my girl is now 14 months old called Grace. She is my first (i'm working on the second!) and she's normally pretty welled behaved! Let me know about you!

    Georgette x
  • hello georgette,
    How you doing, i also have a girl but she is 6 years old on monday. we have been ttc for baby no 2 for only about a month but i want it to happen now!!! R u ttc at the mo? grace is at a great age now dont you think they just start to get intresting,
    chat back
  • hi there.

    We are ttc baby no 2 although i have a few problems and it took a year to get pregnant with Grace so i'm not expecting anything to happen any time soon! where abouts do you live?
    sorry its taken me a while to reply. i don't have the internet so i have to go over my mums to use it!

    g x x x
  • Hi Georgette.

    Not sure I can join your club yet - I'm currently 8 days overdue with my 1st !!!

    Keep telling myself tomorrow. I guess sometime soon tomorrow will arrive.

    Either way i'm not from Orpington but not far down the road in Ashford. Would love to chat to other local mums.

    Sab x
  • Hello Ladies

    I'm also new member to this site, it's nice to hear from people that live not to far away. I live in Rochester at the moment, moved here from ashford where i grew up, i also have a good friend in orpington that i see a lot of. I have 2 children already who are 5 and 6 yrs and have now decided to start trying in july for my third one and cant wait for it to happen. I would love to hear back from you both.

    Charlotte x
  • hello ladies,

    nice to know there are other mums not to far away! Sab, i hope its not to long before your little one pops out! charlottle76 good luck ttc. hope all goes well. we are ttc but i have polycystic ovaries and it took over a year to get Grace! I want another baby soon but my fiancee Mark wants to wait a while, as he has just got a new job and wants to get a new car first!

    be in touch again soon
    g x x x
  • Hi Georgette.

    Just a quick update. Baby William arrived on Monday morning 2nd July at 10:19am. 7lb 14oz and absolutely gorgeous.

    Went in to hospital at 4:30am and on 1st examination at 8:15 he was ready to arrive !!!

    I'll try and post as often as I can to keep in touch. Good luck trying everyone.

    Sab x
  • Congratulations sab and family!

    well done on all your hard work. hope things weren't too stressful. enjoy being a mum and talk to you soon.

    best wishes to you all
    georgette x x x
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