what r u having?

hi angela hear
as some of you might know i live in italy. and the thing that is realy getting on my nerves is that everyone hear is in shock that i dont want to know the sex of my baby, i just cant understand it.all everyone is saying is how do you know what colour to buy dont they know about neutral, and while im having a moan i keep getting told wouldnt it be lovely if you have a little girl (i have a son of 7 years old)
to be honest as long as my baby is healthy i dont mind is that imposible to belive. well enough of my moaning hope everone is well
speak to you soon xxx:


  • Hello There, its up 2 the individual if they want 2 no or not,
    I wanted 2 no, im having a little boy & he already 4 days late lol
    He is just like his dad stuborn.
    It is nice 2 have a surprise, u can buy all colours even if u dont know the sex, Really theres only blue & pink u cant buy, Every other colour they both can wear,
    So good luck
    How far on r u?
    What would u like?
    When u due?
  • i decided not to know what i'm havin i like suprises lol sometimes i wish i knew cause then i'd be able to buy proper little outfits and stuff but i think its more fun to wait! i have a feeling it's gonna be a boy but thats just me

  • Not all people like 2 know what they having, So good luck 2 u 4 not knowing.
    How far on r u?
    What would u like?
    When u due?
  • hi thanks for your replys im 18 weeks and i went for my scan today everything is fine. my husband was desperate to see if he could see what the sex was but the baby is on my side he was not able to see a thing. the doctor confermed my due date the last couple of days in febuary so we could be having a leap year baby. my husband is happy as he said the birthday partys will be cheap every 4 years. god help me not only do i have to put up with the pregnacy but with my husband aswell. love to all. xxx
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