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god i'm pregnant!!!

just found out i'm pregnant, sounds like great news hey but i already have 8month old. child number 4 and prob another girl lol:cry:


  • Oh my god. Congratulations sweetie!!! x x x
  • congrats dnt worry at least your little one will have a play mate hehe
  • aww cheers girls x x
  • congratulations! my first was 10 months old when i fell pregnant with my second. there was 18 months between them. and i'm so glad that i ahd that small gap as they have grown up sp close and always had each other . i am now on baby no- 5 and i have had smallish gaps between all my kids. there are so many advantages for having them close together. xx
  • Hi ezzie i also have an 8 month old, Jack and im 11 weeks pregnant! You're not alone in this anyway!! ha ha x
  • congratulations x x x
  • hi k8, congratulations hun, you must be feeling like me lol ickle shocked and wondering how your going to cope and wot people wil say! i'm not going to tel family and friends til grace is 1 lol
  • he ezzie only just seen ur post!! I used the quick & painless method and just told my family and got it all out the way!! We got all the "haven't u gotta tv in ur house?" etc etc! ha
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