northumberland mummies??

just wondering if there are any mummies from northumberland who'd like to get in touch??x x


  • hi
    where abouts in Northumberland do you live?
    i have just moved to Bedlington, nr morpeth from Germany so dont know the area too well. xx
  • sorry for delay in reply,havent had chance to get online for a few days!i live in acomb which is just near hexham so not too near bedlington unfortunately.when did you move?i hope you and your little one have settled in ok.iv a 6 month old& a 4 year old,how old is your baby?she is very sweet!x x:\)
  • I moved back to UK the end of Apr. Its weird being back in this country but it doesnt take long getting back into the old routine but its hard not knowing anyone in the area. Alyishia is nearly 7 weeks old, but is still hardly the weight of a newborn bless her (7lb 14oz). Whats your little cuties called xx
  • my little girl is hannah,she will start school in september,cant believe it! max is 6&half months.they are total opposites,hannah is very petite & max already weighs what she did at 18months,amazing!he did have a 2 pound headstart at birth mind!!it must be hard settling into a new place,feel free to email 4 a natter anytime.take care x x:\)
  • Jeez how heavy was he when he was born, i couldnt imagine pushing a big un out. Little Leesha was only 5lb 3 & still only weighs 8lb 12, that was more than enough for me. Bet i wont be so lucky next time tho!!!
    She has just been for her first set of injections too bless so not a happy bnny at the moment, lots of kisses and cuddles required xx oh there she goes again. bye xxxx
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