Age Gap?

Just wondering what the age gaps are between everyone's children and how that has affected their relationship? And what is your ideal age gap?
My sons have two years and four months between them which, for us, has been great. My eldest was just old enough to understand about the baby and now (aged 1 and 3) they seem to get along great. So far!!
Ideal age gap I think would be to wait til older child had started nursery so I could have had time alone with the baby


  • My son is 10 and daughter is 14mons. He can help me with her and loves her to bits. Obviously they have different interests being opp sex and different ages but it doesnt pose to much of problem gives matt a chance to act silly sometimes
  • My son was just over 2 1/2 when my daughter was born (they are now 6 and 3)- I think this was a good age gap. I am now due again in January so my youngest will be nearly 4 when baby comes along. I do feel this is a slighly bigger age gap than I would have preferred but decided to wait for financial reasons.

    I would say 2-2 and a haf years is a good age group but everyones different I suppose!!

    My sis in law left exactly 4 years between each of her three kids and says if she was to have another she wud do exactly the same
  • I have three children there is a four year 11 month gap between babies one and two and a four year 6 month gap between babies two and three. The gap between the first two was totally planned. Gap between babies two and three was down to nature we were trying for a smaller gap but thats the way it goes...
    The big gaps are fine the only problem i have is between the eldest two both girls, when the eldest has her friend over Charlotte who is now four always wants to tag along but i suppose this could happen whatever the age.. causes a few arguments...
    I always make sure that they both get to persue there own activities a struggle fitting it all in sometimes and when lo gets older eldest will be at comp and becoming more independent..

  • Hi... I have a son who is going to be 16 in December (which makes me feel really old), a 2 year old daughter and I'm expecting another son in December this year... Its great having my teenager around to help (when he's not out with his girlfriend or at school!) and he loves his little sister but now i'm really nervous about having another one because i'm not going to get the same 1-2-1 time with this baby as I had with both my others.

    I'm not sure there is a perfect age gap between siblings - my mum had 6 children in 8 years then a 10 year gap then me. She did say that while it was lovely having all the children young at the same time she did enjoy being able to spend more time with me while I was a baby. So I'm not sure - maybe I'll let you know once I've had this one!
  • I have a 11year old and a 2yr old, both boys. Sometimes they get on great other times its like world war 3 in our house and im 22 weeks with next one!!
  • my first was 3 1/2 when l/o was born which meant he was out of nappies and went to nursery in the afternoon (so me and baby could have a nap image ) he is great with the l/o helps out and plays with him, i'm sure they'll have there fair share of arguments when they are older though (but that has nothing to do with the age gap though does it!!) and he is learning to share his toys.
    if i do decide to have another (will have to convince o/h) i would wait til they are both at school (so they would be 5 and 8) so i'd have more time with baby and hopefully more money!!
    i agree though that everyone is different and sometimes things don't work out the way you plan them x.
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