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I'm 31 weeks pregnant & was just wondering if anybody knew of any good simple exercises I could do instead of sitting on my bum all day?

Any ideas? image x


  • SWIMMING all the way. I was swimming right up until giving birth. Also walking and the gym ball are great.
  • Walking is the best, I guess. And when you exercise/workout, don't forget to take your vitamins.

  • I can say that yoga, swimming and walking are great ways to be healthy and happy.


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  • Yoga and walking is good for you. Also you can take benefits of pregnancy massage. It stablise your blood pressure and rejuvenating your mood. 

  • Walking, swimming and/or yoga, although if youre not used to doing any of these then it is not a good idea to push yourself at 31 weeks pregnant.  Start off by doing 15 minutes and then increase it slowly.

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  • swimming is right exercise and walking in morning 
  • Walking and swimming is the two best exercise.

    You can try this.

    This is best for your health.

  • Exercise is very important for keeping our body fit.. it become more important when we talk about top models. Because they keep themselves fit and healthy. I also exercise regularly. According to me walking is best exercise in the morning time. We feel fresh in whole day if we walk in morning.

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  • Swimming and lots of short walks, the walking I continued with almost straight away at DD arrived. Only you will know how far you can go. Gentle Yoga, Stretching and relaxing is so invigorating, if you can swim straight after Yoga even better.

  • I would say just go for long walks, I personally hate swimming, all the chemicals, don't you find your skin smells afterwards?

    Yoga is for sure one of the best things you can do, I did it at least twice a week when I was pregnant, it really helped with giving birth as well! I don't know how I could've given birth without yoga!

  • Autumn Calabrese has released some pregnancy exercises.  If you have done some of her others workouts you know how good she is and I know that she will keep you mommas to be in good shape.

  • I work out 45 minutes daily and yoga daily. Walk is good during this time. It is very beneficial for body.. Along with this i do swimming once in a week. I work out in the late afternoon/early evening.

  • I also feel that walking and yoga are really good for maintaining your weight and you don't develop cellulite in future.

  • My doctor recommends swimming and walking.

  • To loose weight you can do Light running, Brisk walking, Swimming, Indoor cycling, Group dance and aerobics, for strength and flexibility you can do Pilate, Weight lifting using lower weight then usual also go for parental yoga, last but not least stay motivated.

  • Walking is the best way to stay fit in pregnancy and meditation gives immense pleasure and helps to stay calm. 

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