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A herbaceous boon for Ayurveda

The Indian Pennywort is worth every penny because it is the highly venerated 'brahmi' in Ayurveda which is the ultimate 'brain tonic.' The ayurvedic oil extracted from the scientific Bacopa monnieri is an antioxidant and alerts the mind while boosting the brain cells. Enhancement of memory is associated with brahmi. Shankapushpi and Gotu Kola are other ayuvedic herbs which is helpful in improving memory.

The oil with its sweet fragrance and natural green colour is a great hair care product. It promotes healthy growth of hair along with calming and soothing effect. The medicated oil containing camphor, amalaki,etc. acts as an Ayurvedic rejuvenator for the body. Along with the oil, other ayurvedic preparations afrom Brahmi are also helpful in the well being of human body. Brahmi ghrita is a preparation of brahmi boiled in pure cow's ghee along with other medicinal herbs. An Amnesia patient is prescribed to have it regularly. The Brahmi Vati, a brain tonic, is a mixture of powdered brahmi with herbs such as jatamansi and serpagandha. It improves memory, activeness and cuts stress and anxiety.

Brahmi is also an adaptogenic, the medicinal preparation helps adapt and acclimatize to a new destination. Blood purification through Brahmi is effective to maintain health.But an excess of brahmi prevents the oxidation of fats in the bloodstream. The accumulation of fat in the blood increases the risk of cardiovascular disorders. Recent studies have shown that an ethanolic extract of Brahmi is anti-carcogenic in nature providing a major break through in Oncology.
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