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Anyone been pescribed Spironolactone?

Hi I recently got diagnosed with pcos my hair has been getting finer especially when stressed and has recently just been snapping off and falling out leaving me looking horrible , I also have way to much body hair and this is supposed to help , anyone gone through anything similar and has this medication worked for you? 

ive been pescribed this and anti depressants because I’ve been incredibly down . Since then I’ve been feeling sick and now I’m loosing a lot of weight to :( I’m very small and was only 8 stone and now I am loosing more . 

I feel lost and my self image has gone .

i work in the beauty industry and I am surrounded by 20 mirrors a day a lot of pressure and comments . I can’t sleep from all the stress and am feeling suicidal I just really want to know if this medication will help and I can feel myself again . 

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