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Desogestrel/Cerazette - this is HELL!!!!

Hi Ladies just joined and looking for advice. I started taking this pill on 11th June which was the first day of my period. Everything was fine until 29th June then i started spotting which got heavier. I got what i thought was my proper period on 5th July but it was stopping and starting. So now nearly 2 weeks later im still bleeding... sometimes brown, sometimes bright red with clots (SORRY TMI). Its weird it seems to be once im up and about doing things during the day.... not enough to wear a tampon but have to wear a pad. 

I give up with this pill and i havent taken one today. I just want it out of my system. Ive got a new boyfriend and this is just embarrassing. I cant even consider sleeping with him because of this bleeding but dont really want to be talking about bleeding to him either!! 

What can i do? When will i get back to normal? I keep getting cramps on my left side which feel like ovulation pains (which would make sense because im on about day 12). Supposed to be seeing my new fella on saturday night ...gutted!! (its been a while lol) 

Any advice/stories about this pill? 


  • Not much help but I’m going through the exact same thing!
  • Not much help but I’m going through the exact same thing!
    Absolutely awful isnt it you have my sympathy Rainbow. 
    How long had you been taking it? It took it for 5 weeks and the last pill was monday. Still bleeding im now assuming this is a proper period because it started heavy 35 days after taking the first actual pill on first day of last period. Therfore hoping after this period it will stop. Im getting worried, i feel absolutely disgusting bleeding all the time. 

  • I’ve been taking it for just over 9 weeks now. I was fine at the beginning but I’ve been bleeding for 12 days now and also having the worse cramps ever! Showing no signs of going either :(
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