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Hi all I'm not sure if I'm posting in the correct place but I'm hoping someone can help me. I had Ivf 4 and a half years ago. Unfortunately it failed and caused me and my partner to split. We got funded for 3 goes but only used 1. I am now in another relationship for some time now and thinking of having a baby in the new year. My partner as no children and neither do I. I don't have any tubes and before that I would never conceive naturally. I just wondered if I will get accepted for funding again? With me not using all 3 goes and being in a better place. ? I would appreciate any advice thank you x


  • i would have thought you would get another go yes, but just check its still 3 goes you Will receive as i know the y have tightened up on this. i would ring your local pct and double check with them.

    good luck hun x x
  • I would say the same as Booey. Good luck and i hope you are allowed as neither of you have had children.

  • thank you for getting back to me. i really hope i do get accepted for funding. i think maybe because i got accepted once they might not accept me again. i only used 1 of the 3 tho. my gyno as told me tho that i need to hurry and try now to start a family x

  • i wouldn't of thought you would have a problem as long as your area still offers the 3 attemptsimage x x
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