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Wanting a VBAC 2 previous section

Hi everyone. I am booked in for a Csection a week today. I have had 2 previous sections and never had a natural birth. Both where due to babys size which is not a problem this time but consltant has said that they wont let me have a natural due to 2 previous. I really want a natural as this is going to be my last child and feel really cheated that I will never experience it. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on starting natural labour as they have said the only was i will be allowed one is if when i arrive at hospital i am in established labour. Also after both my previous pregnancys I suffered bad with PND and personally i belive it was partly due to being in so much pain and the lengthy recovery. I dont think i will cope with the pain after this time as I have 3 children under 7 at home who i have to look after, my 2 and my partners son. We also live in a flat now which has 4 flights of stairs so i believe i am going to be trapped inside as wont be able to manage the stairs much. Please anyone with any advice would be great. Thanks ladies. Sory feeling very hormonal and emotional today.


  • I'm sorry that I don't have any advice for you. Have you tried discussing how you feel with your midwife? I hope that things work out for you.

    Take care, Denise xx
  • Its awful that they will not give u the option of a natural birth, but i think if u put ur foot down and really insist on having a natural birth i dnt see how they can refuse. U have to sign consent forms to have a section otherwise they cnt do it. I know exactly what u mean about lengthy and painful recovery times, i was lucky enough not to suffer from PND but had really bad baby blues and did nothing but cry for about 6wks after the birth. I felt like id miss out on vital bonding and hated the first six weeks of my sons life, which is such a shame. I wud defo get back onto ur mw about it tho, i think that wud be easier than trying to kick start labour, lol. Gud Luck, Kerry xxx

  • Hi all, well i ended up going into hospiral at about 12mid-day. Pains where really intense and had lost alot of mucusy blood. Phoned told unit contractions were 5 mins apart and lasting 1 minute average. When we arrived i was shown into a room and put on a monitor. Midwife said she would ring consultant down to arrnage for c section in about 2 hours as was obviously well in labour. I told her straight I do NOT want another c section and wanted a trial of labour and to take it from there. She went and got a consultant to come and talk to me. She made me feel so guilty for wanting a natural birth but I was adament. She said she would examine me and then speak to my own consultant who would decided for def if i would be allowed. When she examined me i was gutted to find i was only 2-3cm dilated but was in agony. She made me feel like if i didnt agree to the section that I would be a terrible mother. I complained to the midwife after about her attitude towards me and she said sorry love she has alot of stressful cases goin on in labour suite. Sorry but no excuse to me!
    Well eventually midwife sat and spoke to me and I could ask her questions. She told me the riskd behind having a natural birth after 2 previous sections and these are scary. They range from needing an emergnecy hysterectomy to labour taking too long and still needin section. THehorrible consultant came back and spoke to me said she had spoke to my conslultant and he was willing to let me go until 8pm but that wuld def be the limit and that he was not at all happy about it and thought i was being see hoe i got on as labour was not "established" but it bloody hurt! I asked the midwife to exam me again but she said she needed to wait for between 2 and 4 hours. She came back in at 4:20 to do an internal and she said that the first doctor was wrong and i hadnt dilated at all. I was so upset. I had decided in my head that if there was no significant diff then iwould just say ojk come on lets do this section. I asked her to find out how soon it could be done etc so she went to ring my consultant who was on call. She popped her head back in a few minutes later to say he was actually on ward and would come and chat to me. My consultant came to speak to me a little later and he was so nice. I explained how worried i was about section number 3 etc and how i really wanted a natural delivery. he looked through all my noted from previous 2 pregnancys and this one and said he could not see why I would not be able to deliver vaginally but that I would need to be monitored closely in case of any complications so they could be delt with fast. I was quite happy for this to be done. He said he would keep me booked for my section today (monday) just incase but if i had progressed then ther would be no need but at least the slot would be there for me should i need it. When i asked him about how dilated he was he said he would be more likley to believe the horrible consultant as from looking at the monitor he could see contractions etc. I WAS SO HAPPY. BUT then I thought about it and talked to OH etc, he would be sent home with the 3 kids and if something did happen in the night then he would be unlikely to get to me in time in the hopital so I decided to come home and go back tomorrow as planned for section. I AM STILL HOPING THESE CONTRACTIONS are going to keep going and increasing so wont be needed. When we got home I was soooo tired so and so sore. Was also told baby is lying back to back so that means alot of my llabour pain will be in my back and could prove a difficult delivery. I went for a bath when we got home and made it really hot to ease pain and help things along. Well Oh brought me a cuppa down to bathrrom and I was lying there relaxing. the next thing i knew it was pitch black and Oh was in abthroom saying did you fall asleep. I had for a whole hour and a half!! WORST OF ALL I HAD NO CONTRACTIONS WHEN I WOKE UP. EVERYTHING STOPPED!!! Devastated. Came out of bath and was sitting on settee with Oh. We decided to make love, 1 because would prob be last time for a long time and 2, see if it would help restart contractions. It worked!!! Im having them every 5-6 minutes and they are stronger than earlier. Also had alot more loss of the show which i am hoping is a good sign. Been trying to stay active for as long as poss so they dont stop again. Even managed to make love again. WHich was really nice. Oh was so loving and gentle made me feel really special. its now 3:26 am and i just back from a long walk around town, i know mad as i musthave looked to the few drunks i saw. I sent Oh to bed as i will get some rest in hospital after the birth whether it will be vaginal or section but he wont get any as he has our other 3 kids to look after as well as still loads of house work and sorting needing doing for baby to arrive. Im in way too much pain to sleep at the minute anyway so going to go and do some washing and sort mine and babys bedroom out a bit. Doubt i will get any sleep again tonight but it will all be worth it as tomorrow (well today) i will def be holding my LO in my arms and for that I cant wait. Wish me luck people sorry this is so long. I will post a brief update after birth and let you all know how i get on and if i eventually get to have my vaginal delivery!!!!
  • I'll keep checking in to see how you are doing. Good luck Honey!

    Denise xx
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