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Aim for VBAC!

I am currently 15 weeks pregnant with my second baby, and had an emergency c section with first baby in July 2008. This was due to a long labour where he was back to back and wasn't getting anywhere.

I saw the midwife after my scan 2 weeks ago and the consultant who I am under had already read my notes and wrote 'Aim for VBAC' ready for when I see him after 20 weeks scan.

I am just really worried now that I am going to be forced to have a VBAC against my wishes and I am concerned about how long the hospital left me for last time in labour and with it only being 14 months since the last section.

Does anyone know if I can demand a section as I had one last time or what I could say in my favour?

I would have liked to try for a natural delivery as last time the c section was under General Anaesthetic due to a failed epidural and I felt as though I missed out on the birth and was difficult to bond at the start, but I am really scared after last time and would rather have some control over this birth.

Thanks ;0)


  • Hi
    I only gave birth in Dec so not actual experience to give but also needed an em section. I'd like to get pregnant sooner rather than later and like yourself I feel like I missed out on the actual birthing experience but at same time am scared of scar rupture or something. However I did ask doctor and he said they check and see if vbac is a viable option and although they recommend trying this route, if I prefered a cs then would be more likely taken on board having had one before.
    You should definately speak to your doc or consultant though- it's an important decision and was taken out of your control before so you should be allowed a say I reckon image
    Best of luck
    Rosa x
  • dont try and worry to much at the moment about labour - it can be different every time, and last time your lo was lying in a bad position. this one could be lying round to the front, and "fly" out!!

    towards the end of your pregnancy, keep checking with your mw which way your lo is, and if in a good position, then it could be worth you having a VBAC. if you are still really against it, explain your wishes to your consultant as Rosa says.

    even with an elective c/s, things dont always go according to plan - your BP can drop dramatically with the spinal, so you can vomit, faint etc, you cant move to help your baby until the spinal has worn off etc etc, so even with this, it isnt perfect!

    dont get me wrong, i am not for one minute saying i think you should have a VBAC (i've had 3 x c/s!!!!), just that if you look at it from all angles, even a c/s isnt always the best.

    try and not let this get to you, as it could end up spoiling your pregnancy, but around 36/37 weeks, ask to speak with your consultant again!
  • I agree with Ollier, but please tell your mw how anxious this is making you as well. I have been quite anxious(sp) this time around and have discussed all my options with both my MW and the consultant, I am in a much more positive place now.

    I was given the choice by my counsultant, and have after much deliberation decided for a c sect. We also discussed giving a vbac a go IF i go into labour before the c sect date, and if all is going well etc giving vbac a go.

    I dont know if this will be an option though as at last appointment she was breech, I've got a positional/growth scan at 37 wks to check.

    You will be monitored quite well through out so just try to relax a bit and see how things are close to d day.

  • Thank you for your advice. I will try not to worry too much for now and see what the consultant says at 20 weeks. x
  • hey hun, i can totally understand your concerns cos i had an em c sec after a long painful labour and cameron was back to back. he got stuck in the birth canal and when i was having the sect one woman had her hand 'up' pushing him back up.

    i am not preg but plan to be in a few years and am shit scared of labour. i honestly wouldnt know what to choose part of me would want a sect cos of the trouble and upset last time (we thought we'd lost him cos it took so long to get him out and he needed resus when he came out) but i would like to give my body a chance to do its job.....without being strapped to a bed on a monitor.

    you need to talk things through, as much as people say dont worry if you are worried speak to your mw...i would be badgering em every week lol!

    congrats on the pregnancy hun xx
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