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Good consultants appt today

Hi ladies, I got my triple test results back today after my bloods on Friday and they gave me a low risk for downs syndrome & spina bifida which is good. I also had my hospital consultants appointment today (I am hospital based care as my first baby was born by emergency c-section and went into special care). It went really well and got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time!! It was so lovely! The consultant was very supportive and said it is completely up to us whether to opt for an elective c-section or give a VBAC a go. So we will have a think and decide at next appointment. All in all a good day! Got 16 week midwife appointment on Friday too then the next thing will be my 20 week scan - I can't wait!

Just need to have a think about the whole birth thing, what is everyone else doing VBAC or ELCS?

Amy. x


  • Im glad its all going well for you, it really is lovely to hear the heartbeat and to know the scan is coming soon isnt it! I too had an emergency section with my son who is nearly 3 and he was in special care for 5 days too so this time to avoid any of the heartache and risk im going sstraight for an elective section. The hospital have been so supportive and have made my decision so much easier to make.

    Stacey 28 weeks 2 days x
  • hi Amy

    glad things went well and you feel a million dollars - there is nothing quite like hearing your baby's heart beat is there!!

    go with what your heart tells you on how to deliver - i also went for elective 2nd time, but if honest, i really wasnt bothered how they got out!!

    there were a lot of things that i know that influenced my decision, but you should go with what you feel is right for you!!

  • arr glad it went well amy its great when you hear the heart beat for the first time when i hace my next baby i want elective c section i would feel better having that but its your choice xx
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