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second c-section

Ok i had a planned c-section with my 1st child and ended up having a emergency c-section with my 2nd. was just wondering if any 1 else on here had 2 c-sections, as i want to know if it takes longer to heal 2nd time round? it hurts more i know that. but i am wanting to start going back 2 gym and back to being a care assistant a.s.a.p. the gym not so much as its just a favourite hobby of mine but need to start earning money again. any info greatly appreciated xx


  • hiya...i had an emergancy section with my 1st then an elective section with my 2nd........i found that my 2nd section was alot easier to recover from. i think its emergancy sections which are harder to recover from not the fact that its your 2nd do you get me? all i can say is dont over do it coz you1ll end up going backwards xxxx
  • Like shelly i had an emergency section with my first and then elective with my second and i found it so much easier second time round i was in alot less pain and my recovery was loads quicker, but i suppose it depends on the individual. My daughter is now 9months old and although my scar is quite visible iv not had any probs. Just take it easy tho major abdominal surgery does take time to recover from and u dnt wana over do it, Kerry xxx
  • Im from the due in July forum and was browing this forum and can i just say that you have helped me. I had an emergency section with my son nearly 3 years ago and am now expecting my second baby in July. I have to make a decision as to how i want to have my baby and in my heart of hearts would feel safer and more at ease having an elective ssection, i cant go through wih the risk of having a terrifying attempted natural delivery. Its great to hear your experiences, thank you x
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