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Thought I wanted VBAC but everyone tells me I am mad.

Hi There! I had my little boy by 'elective c section' 20 months ago and I am currently 18 weeks pregnant with number 2. I was (and still am) terrified of the idea of surgery and had an ECV to try and turn him, which I have since been told is quite unusual with your first, but he was not to be moved! Friends of mine who had had natural births and c sections all tell me I am mad wanting a natural delivery, but I would prefer (all things going to plan) not to be house bound and shuffling around with a 2 year old to also look after. The ECV was very painful ad I nearly passed out- it went on for about half an hour as well and I don' think this is normal. Everyone seems to think I had a really easy time as it was a planned c section and thinks that I will regret it because of the horrendous pain I will experience and that I am being a bit green. It is very difficult to explain that I am more frightened of surgery that of the pain. I know I will probably be sat here in sep saying 'i should have had a c section' or that i may have to have one anyway but it seems a shame that no-one is being positive about this! Maybe I am mad!
Abbie xxx


  • as Emmalou said, no-one can make the decision but you - never mind what others think!!

    a couple of things tho' in answer to what you've said....

    ECV shouldnt be attempted for more than 5 minutes - we count down how many seconds etc with our Consultant so he knows how long he has left! - only if the baby is nearly head first will he finish. it should also be done under controlled conditions.

    try not to worry too much about having a c/s with a toddler - i've had 3 c/s, and had toddlers each time - i told them before i delivered about how mummies have operations to get babies out of tummies, and got them to come to me instead of me picking them up, using the stairs etc. i didnt have any problems at all. if they fell, i got down on my knees so they could have a cuddle that way.

    in the long run, yes, it is better to have vaginal deliveries for most people. babies have less chance of going to SCBU/NICU from a vaginal delivery, you recover quicker, less chance of abdominal problems later in life etc etc, but you make the decision, not someone who thinks they know best!

    i would say that most of the people i have been in contact with that have had both would rather have a vaginal delivery. not all, but most.
  • Thankyou both for your replies! I think I may stick to my guns and try for a VBAC. God that is really worrying about the ECV. I had heard that it shouldn't have been that long, or as painful after. It even got to the point where there were 2 doctors man handling my bump to try and get the baby to turn. My blood pressure dropped so low they had to stop for a few minutes before trying again! My other half has said no matter what I decide he is not letting me go through one of those again- but it sounds like it was poor judgement in this case. Lets hope this one isn't breech! image
  • Hi

    I had a GA with my twins in feb 07 and when i fell again (there is 17 months between them) i knew i didnt care what happened i just wanted to be awake, i found the consultants v adaptable, id said i wanted a vbac but all the way through it was negotiable as they didnt want to induce me as it increases the risk of scar rupture. I went into natural labour 2 days before my edd and they even asked then what id like, i said i wanted to try for a vbac BUT if there was any risk i wanted a section as i wanted to hear my baby's first cry as it was i ended up with a section as i wasnt progressing but so glad i tried as i actually feel like i gave birth. talk your fears through my m/w was v understanding. Good luck with it.

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