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recovery after c section


I ahev been told I may need a c-section if my placenta does not move up. What is the recovery like after a c section? How long do you usually need to stay in hospital? Are you restricted as to what you are able to do for a couple of weeks afterwards? (I think you are not allowed to drive for a while?)

Do you have to go back and have the stitches removed?




  • Hi Kate
    we have been talking about this a bit on June mummies as there are a couple of us c section first timers.
    The general consenus seems to be :

    You can be in hospital from 2 - 5 days depending on your circumstances and recovery. Some people are able to walk around within a few hours but apparently you are confined to bed for 24hours really.

    You are restricted with lifting of heavy items ( baby not included ! ) and you cannot undertake any excercise without your midwifes/health visitors approval for a couple of weeks.

    Driving is different and up to your insurer. Some say 6 weeks, others say when your midwife says its ok and others say well, if you can perform an emergency stop then you;re fine. Best to check with them direct.

    As far as I know you do not go back to have stitches removed - they are dissolvable but I dont think we have even covered in our conversations!

    I am amazed at the lack of information about it all - I got some from my SIL who has had 2 sections and the hospital looked at me as though I was mad when I asked them for an information sheet - they said ' dont worry, we'll go over everything at your pre op appointment which is the afternoon before the section - ARGHH! A little late in the day for me!

    Good luck finding out some more info and if you can, pop it on here so I can learn too please !!
  • Hi the internal stitches are dissolvable but the outer ones are not. I've had 2 sections 5 and 10 years ago so things may have changed but I had a thin metal wire (sounds painful but honestly wasn't) through the wound with a little bobble on either end and after around 7 days the midwife doing the home visit removes it by gently sniping one bobble and then pulling and it slides out.

    As far as I remember the advice was first 2 weeks only caring for baby - 2nd 2 weeks light house work eg washing up after 6 weeks you can manage most things although I think you need to be careful lifting anything very heavy for up to 3 months afterwards
  • Hi

    I have just had an emergency c -section, last Sunday!, I wasn't allowed out of bed until the following day - once you there I think they check each case on its own merit.

    When I did get up I was shocked at how much walking to the shower took it out of me.

    You have a catheter, which I had to keep for a full 24 hours, as did other ladies on my ward who were c-sections.

    The morning after I was allowed to shower.

    My stitches are dis solvable.

    They warn you against any heavy lifting bending exercising etc etc, to be honest you can tell!

    I was discharged on the 3rd day, they class the day you have the c section as day 0, I think you have to stay the 3 days.... then they extend it if needed.

    The day after I came home we popped to asda and the walk around the store completely wiped me out! Your body will tell you quite well if your doing to much x

    I don't drive so don't know about that ! x

  • Congratulations! Yes I had to have the catheter in for 24hrs both times and wasn't allowed to shower til the next day.
  • i had an emergancy c-section on tuesday may 5th...was helped to take a shower the following day..but almost passed out(probably from blood loss and it was the first time id been out of bed since the night before the surgery(id been admitted for high blood pressure), i ached a lot. we were allowed home on thursday, but it does depend on how well you and baby are. Doctors said i cant drive for 6 weeks or until your midwife/health visitor says its okay...but you must check with your car insurance because they might not cover you earlier than 6 weeks.
    to be honest its not as bad as i thought it would be, the delivery was quick and painless and well worth every ache and twinge that followed..dont worry about it...all will be finexx

    bailey_b and ciara x

  • I have had two emergency c sections, the first time was so scary for me as I did'nt have a clue what was going on.

    1st time around I had a c section it was over within 20 mins with a spinal which I was so glad about as there was no feeling below my waist, to be honest I found it alot harder the first time around as I had a catheter in for 24 hours and everytime I tried to get up I felt like I was going to faint!!
    more due to blood loss...I would say it took me about 48 hours to walk properly, I had a wire which they put through the wound then beads at both ends, which the midwife removed(which was'nt painful), but then developed a wound infection and had a roaring temp and had to go back to the hospital.

    2nd time round was alot easier recovery wise but not emotionally.
    Had the catheter in again for 24 hours except this time I was up and about by the next morning,I think it was a case of having to as my son was in scubu so that pushed me to be up and about pretty rapidly really, I was getting showers more quickly although was still a bit queasy but that's to be expected, I had stitches that disolved this time which i found alot easier recovery wise and not as uncomfortable as the wire ones.

    I was told that I would have to have a c section for certain next time as I have had two already but to be honest I think I would much rather have a planned c section than not. x

    Sorry for the long post =)
  • my elective c sect story is a bitr further down. I had dissolvable stiches, and was told 4-6 for driving. my dd is now 5 weeks and i am fine, have been able to look after my 21 month old son since week 2, been doing most household stuff since end of first week.
  • Hi
    I had an elective c section 2 weeks ago so will try and answer your questions:

    Our hospital discharges the majority of women on day 2 (the day of your op being day 0) unless there are problems/complications or you feel you need to/want to stay longer. I found the first 2 days very uncomfortable but not the wound itself. My tummy was very tender (like someone had been jumping up and down on it!!) but within a few days it felt fine.

    You are advised not to lift anything heavier than your baby for 6 weeks. I have been avoiding lifting heavy things but have been doing light chores (emptying dishwasher, tidying up) and have been fine.

    I rang my insurance company who said I could try before 6 weeks but just needed a note from my doctor to say I was fit to drive. Having spoken to friends who have had c sections, doctors will issue these if requested without any quibbles.

    There are 3 main types of stitches - staples, removeable stitches and dissolveable stitches. The type used depends very much on your hospital, surgeon and your requirements. The standard for our hospital is removeable with beads which is what I had. They were snipped on day 5 and pulled out and were not painful at all. I was still in hospital so had them done there but they are normally done by your local midwife at your postnatal appointment on the relevant day.

    If you need any more information, let me know
  • I had c-sec after failed induction,
    I had c-sec at 3.00pm
    baby was born by 3.55pm
    i came out about 4:30 into recovery
    then taken to ward 5pm was given a bed bath had skin 2 skin with my baby
  • i had Jensen 8 months ago, he was born at 1.52pm and i was sat out in the chair for visiting by 7pm! i had my catheter out that night and was completely on my feet the next morning and ORDERED to go for a shower so the bandages could come off easier, by 9pm after asking about 20 times they still hadn't come to remove the bandages which were by now soggy and icky, they then told me i was prone to infection because i'd been left for so long but i was still discharged the next day and had a nice infection a few days later :roll: but it was cleared pretty quickly and didn't cause any pain, was just itchy! i had disolvable stitches x
  • omggggggggg, you where pushed to soon, an the bandaid is supposed to stay on !!! mine didnt come of till day 5 an your supposed to be kept in for atleast 3 days omg hun feel so sorry for you!!
  • hai i want to know whether stitches  after  section from out side really pains at the time of dressing


  • Hi,

    You would be given pain relief so not really.  My pain was more inside and the stitches just felt a bit itchy.

    Hope that helps

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