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home birth possible after section???

hi, im just wondering if anyone has had a home birth after a previous section or knows if this is possible?? from what i can gather not really advised because of small chance of scare rupturing?!? i had a section 6 years ago and think surely thats a good amount of time to have healed pretty good? really dont want another section and dont want to be strapped to a bed the whole time being monitored? any feedback much apprecitated, thank you! x

melissa (17+3)


  • You will encounter a lot of difficulty if you decide on a home birth but depending on your reason for your last section there isnt really any reason why you cant have a home birth providing you live fairly near a hospital.

    at the end of the day yes scar rupture is a possibility however statistically you are more likely to die in a car crash on the way to the hospital than you are from scar rupture, i know that sounds a weird thing to say but you are only gonna get told about the negatives, does that make any sense?

    speak to your midwife/consultant and see what they say

  • look at why you had the emergency, and decided from that!! if it was felt that last time the baby you had was far too big for you, and this one looks bigger, then maybe reconsider a home delivery, but if your last one was distressed and you laboured etc etc

    as EmmaLou says, regardless of where you deliver, you HAVE to have care provided by a Midwife, so if that is what you want, then you will be cared for at home.

    you will be given stats on scar rupture etc, and likely hood of vbac (have you had a vaginal delivery before this by any chance?), but you should be able to find a MW who will happily deliver you at home within your Trust without having to pay for an Independent MW (contact your Community Manager if necessary)

    if you end up a bit unsure, the other thing you can consider is coming into hospital to deliver, then going home straight from Labour ward. we do this a lot from our unit now for straight forward women (no GBS, small babies, prem etc), and they love the security of being in hospital "just in case", but being able to go home immediately!
  • thank you for taking the time to reply girls, you have given me things to think about! i wasnt very descriptive about what happened last time sorry, i had a planned section 6 years ago purely due to breech presentation- mw only realised he was breech at 38 weeks (he had been in same position the whole time but mw took no notice of a word i said, also suffered a lot with spd but she took wouldnt acknowledge that either, i didnt even know thats what it was till afterwards, she just said 'you cant expect to be pregnant and have no aches and pains' she made me feel like such an idiot so i just accepted that, although i would say there is a massive difference between aches and pains and hardly being able to walk!!) anyway so my consultant tried to turn him but that wouldnt work and i found it very stressful and uncomfortable so that was that they booked for section the following week! unfortuantly i have the same consultant this time and she is not very nice in anyway at all so im actually scared to mention 'home birth' to her lol, i have my 20wk scan 2 wks tom followed by another app with her so will broach it then, and will have my oh for support too so ill see how that goes!?! just want things to be better and my choice this time as i felt let down from start to finish last time! thanks for listening! melissa x x
  • it isnt the Consultant who decides who is having the Home Birth - it is you!! She will give you all the info, and let you know she'd rather you didnt (if that is what she thinks), but the decision is NOT hers to make - only YOU can decide!!

    should you go for a home delivery, and it not go according to plan, and you have to go into hospital, you would receive the same care as anyone - regardless of how the original aim to deliver was.

    you may find that she would rather you didnt have a home delivery- you are not the best candidate in all honesty (obviously prev c/s, and have never laboured), but you dont have to see her again anyway!!

    i would suggest that you do speak with girls that have done it / attempted it, speak with your MW community manager (if your MW not supportive) and listen to what they have to say before making you final choice!

    whatever you do decide, hope it all goes well!

  • it might help there was quite a bit of info on home birth in the mirror yesterday maybe online. x
  • thanks for that mrsblue ill have a look!
    i know im not the best candidate, its just something i want to fully explore, and am determind to have some control over what happens this time, which im sure i will, im going to make sure i do! ill have to have a good think about it over next few weeks and make sure i make the right descisons for the right reasons (and not just purely out of fear lol)! thanks for all your advice its much appreciated! x
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