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My HomeBirth Story.. :-)

Hello Everyone,

Congrats to everyone who has had their babies and good luck to every1 left waiting!

FIrstly i would like to say Thank u to Kirsty&Macey for doing my BA for expecting to be doing hers very soon as she has started getting contractions!! How exciting!

My Daughter Laila Green was born at 7.22pm on 7th Feb 2010-i got the Home Birth that i really wanted and am so proud!! She weighed 6lb 2oz & is sooo tiny with loads of black fluffy hair-she is gorgeous! all started at about 4am on Sunday morning..(38+6)i woke up having a couple of strong pains but they werent regular and so i went back to sleep to try and get as much rest as poss, got up in the morning at about 8.30am-the contractions were still coming but werent very strong and i wondered if they were just BH....I really got my hopes up thinking 'this is it' and then convinced myself that it wasnt!!

My Partners Parents came rnd and me and my MIL went for a walk to try and get things going properly...i had a few more strong contractions on our walk but then they seemed to die off for a bit, The parents left at about 3ish and then it all kicked off!! It got to 4pm and the cntractions were minutes apart,We put on the TENS machine and i have to say that it was amazing & im so glad i hired it!! my mum came rnd & my sister picked up our daughter, My partner then phoned up the labour ward and they said they would send round a midwife, I cant really remember what time the midwife arrived but i was having really strong, painful contractions, she checked me over and to my delight said that i was 8-9cm dilated!!! I was sooo pleased!

My SIL then arrived at about 5ish as she wanted to witness the birth and i was more than happy to have her with us, The midwife called the the 2nd Midwife and a student to come with G&A-they arrived and the G&A really was nice apart from it really dryed out my mouth and i sometimes just got through with just the TENS. My waters had to be broken for me in the end coz they just werent giving way and the pressure was horrendous! I pushed for 22mins and delivered Lailas head...this is when it got scary, the mW's knew that the heartbeat had dropped and it turned out that the cord was wrapped around her neck, as i didnt have another contraction in me they literally had to pull the rest of her body out of me, she wasnt breathing and as they sorted out the oxygen they asked my partner to call for an ambulance- the whole room was silent waiting to hear her 1st cry-my OH was in tears, My SIL looked as white as a sheet and my Mum was behind me also breaking dwn- I didnt really know exactly how serious it was but later got told that even the trainee MW was in tears!! It was only 3mins and took 3 pumps of oxygen for Laila to come rnd-Thankfully!! She was then placed on my chest as they tryed to deliver the placenta-this seemed to take ages and i thought i would end up in hospital but luckily i managed to push it out.

I was stitched up as i had a small 2nd degree tear, and while they were doing this i was txting friends and speaking to family to tell them our happy news. I had a quick bath while Laila was weighed and our living room was tidyed up, Her temp had dropped so we spent a few hrs trying to get it back up again- My sister dropped our daughter back home-she went all shy when she saw her new little sister! The last MW left at 10.30pm after saying she was now happy with her temp. Slowly people started to go home until it was just me & Laila, my OH and Mum and our daughter.

My daughter fell asleep next to me and Laila in bed and my partner then ordered a dominos pizza which we all ate in the bedroom....was bliss and i felt so so so happy!!

She is now 3days old and is so content i cant believe it, she is just so stunning and i really do feel so happy with my little family and also so proud of myself with how i coped with the labour. I already want another one lol!!!

All in all my labour lasted 3hrs and 22mins! Just what i was hoping for.

Hope u have enjoyed reading,



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