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Thinking of having a home birth

Hi girls,

New to all this, had my heart set on a water birth at Basildon but went to my first NCT class last night and was told the hospital has MSRA and also heard more about home birth than I ever had and really really liked the sound of it.

Has anybody had one and it's been thier first baby? I think the thing i am worried about is A if anything goes wrong and B the mess it will make. I rent so it's not my house and I would be worried about the mess?

K xx


  • Hi

    I wrote a long reply but it got eaten up so here is a much shorter version. Have a look at in paticular the section 'you can't have a homebirth because' - there is then a setion for first time labours which should really put your mind at rest.

    With regards to the mess if there is any it is very little and you use plastic sheeting (shower curtains etc) to protect the floors. We did end up with some blood on the carpet but that was because I had to change postitions quickly and the showers curtains weren't arranged properly so some did get on the carpet.

    I considered a hmebirth first time round but chose hospital 'just in case' but now I would choose home birth everytime and if I could go back would have had my first at home.
  • I had my first at home. It was lovely. I can't imagine having anything else now!

    a) if you listen to your midwife they'll tell you if you need to go in. And if you do they'll organise everything and usually go with you. They put you at the top of the ambulance priority list so you'll get there as quick as you need. I decided that our local hospital was fairly close and even if I was in the labour ward it could take time for them to page someone/ get a slot in theatre ready etc. I took my chances and nothing at all went wrong.

    b) we'd had some roofing done and used a clean roll of waterproof membrane to cover the floor around the pool. The midwives cleaned everything up before they left, one even turned down my side of our bed and put an absorbent/ protective mat in there to protect my sheets from post partum bleeding. The only mess was a slight stain on the armchair where I was stitched, i'd stayed there cuddling baby so long and not gone to change my pad soon enough.

    I'm expecting my next at end october and spoke to my old midwife team today, they're all ready to come back for a repeat performance!
  • I had a home waterbirth with my first and i would do it again! infact i'm (hopefully) having my 4th at home anyday now! (40+4) You really don't need to worry about the mess as there is very little.

    And as for something going wrong there is very little chance that something will go wrong that the midwife will not see coming! and they can trasfer you to hospital Very quickly!
    On the plus side as you say you know there is no MRSA at home!
    I recommend you look at the homebirth site they have a lot of really good tips and information.
  • Girls that you so much for your lovely feedbackimage I spent most of yesterday looking at this web site you sai about and it's great and most of the day looking it all up and reading peoples stories. I am really for it and excited.

    I have actually just changed over my MW and will be seeing her next tuesday, I have been told she is very pro home birth so will talk to her about it thenimage

    Do you know if it;s the MW you have seen throughout your preg and your check up's that deliver the baby or would it be a MW you have not met before from the hospital near you?

    K XX

  • That depends on the midwife and the guildlines in your area? for my 1sts i had my midwifes number and i called her when i went into labour but this time it will be one of the comunity midwifes? You will have to ask the midwife when you see her.
  • Mine was supposed to be the midwife who looked after me all the way through but I gave birth 3 days early (completely unexpected) and it was her only day off that month, she was up a mountain! I then rang the community team and the two they sent were lovely. I've booked them again for this time.
  • hello image I had a HB with my 1st, if you are a healthy woman then there should be no issue with you having a homebirth, research shows homebirth is just as safe if not safer than hospital for low risk mothers...and by the sound of your hospital I'd say you would be better off at home.

    I devoured all the birth stories on the HB website when PG. If you are interested my stories are here. - 18k - 13k

    Charlie - Grampian Homebirth Support and Natal Hypnotherapy Practitioner
  • Thank you very much girls I am still veru much up for this. Mamaduck I will be off to read your links now thank you

    K XX

  • i had a homebirth for my 1st pregnancy, and Jacob was born on 18th april. all the mess was contained on sheets on top of plastic - very easy to clean up. it was a fantastic positive experience and i would definitely do it again. I had different midwives from my regular one as she wasn't on duty at the time but it didn't matter - they were all fantastic.
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