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Any hb stories please

Heya Ladies. From due in july. Expecting 2nd child. Having planned home birth. Had lovely easy labour with daughter and want to this time have relaxed home athmosphere n Avril to meet her sibling at home asap in own surroundings IYKWIM?

Midwife happy for me too have spoke to her yesterday now just gotta get myself ready image
Would like any input bout homebirths good or bad Thank you for reading
Cassie 16 weeks


  • This is my H/b story I had my first at home in 1995 and my 4th at home in 2009 and hopefully if all goes well i will have no 5 at home in September!

    I had my little boy at home on tuesday (28th April 2009) after him keeping us waiting 10 extra days!! I went for a sweep on monday (27th) and was told they couldn't do it as my cervix still was high and closed!! So i was then convinced i was going to have to be induced and have to go to hospital!:cry: but then....

    I woke up at 2am having a strong contration and about 5 mins later another so i desided to get up and keep moving in the hope it would keep going!! I didn't wake my DH as i wasn't sure i was in labour as the contrations were all over the place some times 2-3 mins apart then 15-18 mins?? But by the time my DH got up for work at 5am they were much more regular and strong.

    So he then phoned the midwife and started filling the pool! while i phoned my mom to come and sit with the kids when they woke up. Then he put on my TENS machine (i had never used one before but i did find it good) I also lit a burner with Lavender oil. That was nice too.

    The midwife arrived at about 6am and said i was already 7cm dialated!! so she phoned the second midwife. I asked at this point for G&A but she could not get it working!! and i could not get into the pool untill the second midwife arrived!:cry: Thank god for the TENS!! :lol:

    The second midwife arrived at about 6.45 and i got into the pool while she set up her G&A. It was HEAVEN to get into the pool!! :lol:

    Very soon i could feel his head and he was born at 7.09am with my DH and my oldest DD (13) there my 2 lo's (3&4) woke up about 7am so mom was upstairs with them but they came straight down while we were still in the pool with the umbilicel (sp) cord still attatched!
    He weighed 8lb 5oz and i didnt need any stitches!
    By 8.30 the midwives had gone everything was tidy and i was sitting on the settee feeding my new LO!!:\) While cuddling my others! PERFECT!!

    Good luck with your homebirth.
  • Wow what an amazing birth story, sounds perfect hun xx
  • I'd love to tell you about my home birth stories but i've so far had 3 and would go on forever! lol I've had 2 hospital babies then the other 3 at home and this next one will hopefully be born at home too. I would recommend a home birth to anyone as i loved it each time. With my last one just me and my partner delivered the baby on our own cos he came quicker than we expected lol and it was in the bath too.
    Just go with the flow, you've done it before but just relax and enjoy it.
    Good luck xxx
  • Thank you for sharing hun lovely story image

    I had great 1st labour so hoping this labour will be similar esp with being at home thank you image.

    btw did you hire your birthing pool?
  • No i brought my pool.
    I put a wanted ad on netmums and got a un used birth in a box pool for ??40!
  • thats a bargain michelle must look out for one image
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