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extra piece of skin hanging down from a tear any1 else??????

hi everyone cut a long story short i tore the bit of skin which is between your vagina and bum when i gave birth to my twins vaginal in nov 09 they didnt notice the tear until i went for a wee the next day and felt this piece of skin hanging down towards my bum so i told the midwife she got 1 of the drs to hav a look and he said there was nothing they could do with now and just go back to clinic when i wasnt sore any more so that what i did and they said the same thing..... fast forward to now after going backwards and forewards from drs. i got refered to gyne and the dr said i needed a op called the fentons procedure to get rid of this extra skin.... i had the op on wed under general it was a day case thing so was in and out the same day i went to the toilet when i got home and realised the piece of skin is still there hanging down and is causing me discomfort like its as done for the pass year so been to the drs and he thinks i am going to have to have to go back in to have it all done again to remove this skin but i have to wait a good few months till i am healed properly from 1 i am gutted :cry: as anyone else had this same problem with extre pieces of skin hanging down from tears from giving birth...........
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