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internal stitching - how?

I can understand how you might tear along the vaginal walls, but I occassionally see women talk about internal stitches. Do they mean internal as in 'muscle layer' stitches that are done before 'skin layer' ones? Or do they mean higher up in the vagina, say close to the cervix for example? How is it possible for someone to be able to manouver their hands and instruments and be able to see what they are doing inside a vagina? I may have the wrong end of the stick! Anyone know how this works? Any midwives out there?


  • Internal stitching is just anything inside the body, not external. i.e vagina, cervix, rectum. Can have to sew up muscle layer, subcutaneous tissue and skin.

    I have seen some horrible tears all the way up to cervix,back to the anus / rectum .. im 29 weeks and my fear is tearing!! Thats why episiotomies are good, to stop the tear exending.

    Most women do not need stitches though, thats what im trying to remember!
  • also can easily reach cervix, dont forget a baby has just stectched everything so easy to stictch up there!
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