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Recovery time with an infection?

Hi Ladies,

I'm now on day 14 post emcs and have developed a wound infection and a vaginal/bladder infection too. I've been on antibiotics since tuesday which are unfortunately causing me and my son some tummy upsets which isn't the nicest especially as my tummy muscles are already tender.

I was just wondering if anyone else had recovered with an infection and how long you took to be able to feel better etc. I know its very individual and I'm trying to take it easy but there are so many jobs I really am keen to get on with and I know I usually do too much too soon from other operations so hoping I can take some advice and maybe do the lighter things rather than start trying to cart the hoover around etc.

I also have a collection of blood behind the incision on one side which again they've said means the healing takes longer but not sure if this is in terms of what I can and can't do or rather it will just appear bruised for longer?

People I know either seem to treat me as though I'm made of glass or they tell me how they were supermum and driving an doing everything at 2 weeks post op! image


  • First off...sit down. Now stay there!!! Post-section do as little as humanly possible. Seriously, only do what you HAVE to do for baby, let everyone else do all the other stuff like cleaning, cooking etc. Dont go for walks, dont drive, dont do anything. I pushed myself, gave myself an infection, and it was about three months before I felt right again! You've had major abdominal surgery, plus you're exhausted from giving birth and now having a newborn. Let people help. Dont let anyone come visit unless they bring a meal or help with the house...if the house is a mess, who cares?! You have a brand new human being - that's WAY better than a clean kitchen floor!

    Seriously though, please do very little, and just enjoy your baby. Dont worry about how long it'll take you to feel better, just know that you will feel better at some point. If you feel in any way worse, or still feel the same after 7 days, go back to your docs - better safe than sorry. Hope you feel better soon xxx
  • Hi Tulip,

    I started feeling better after about a week of taking the antibiotics but I did go back to the drs mid week and he prescribed a further week of antibiotics which I have just finished.

    I felt better after it dried up and stopped pussing that was really getting me down so I would recommend bathing in saltwater.

    My scar is still a little bit sore and itches so i know it is still healing but I walk every day with the pram and do light household chores but I wouldn't dream of hoovering or driving as I don't want to cause damage.

    I am 4 weeks post csec.


    SB x
  • Thanks girls.

    You're right its so easy to do too much. I'm already loading and hanging washing - just asking dh to lift the basket when its wet and heavy. I'm bugging dh to get the carricot out the loft so I can go out with the buggy but I think he's ignoring me though so I don't overdo it. :lol:

    But for me I think if I did nothing my mental health would suffer. So its a balancing act between the two.

    My husband has done so much lately and is back to work so I feel for him and I also know if he runs himself down we would be a bit stuck as its just us round here as family are 2 hours away in opposite directions.

    I take your point though and think if I see this as a short phase in terms of my whole maternity then its easier to handle rather than seeing it as a constant hiderance.

    I'll try to be as good as I makes sense that the more you rest up front, the shorter the recovery time over all anyway and perhaps the less you are of a burden too. x
  • mine didnt get infected but i had a skin infection on my stomach and my scar opened up and left me in a bloodbath, this was day 10, it was about 4 more weeks before i felt human again, the biggest piece of advice i could give is to rest, it sounds daft and it will drive you insane but getting on with things will only make the recovery longer, the housework will still be there. worth getting hubby to come out with you and bubs for a short walk round the block in the evening just dont overdo it, try also to get friends round to break up the cabin fever!
  • Sorry if i'm abit late in replying, don't get on so much anymore! You're probably over the worst by now but just wanted to re-iterate what the others have said-relax! I did way too much too soon! I was at tesco 3 hours after i came out of hospital. I just wanted to push my baby in my lovely pram. But after 2 weeks i ended up hemorraging quite badly and put on antibiotics which really affected me and my baby (metronidazol). Then 3 days later i hemorraged even worse and was hospitalised and put on an IV drip and had to restart the antibiotics. I ended up giving up bf'ing as it was too much on my body and the antibiotics were too much for my baby and she lost a lot of weight from sickness and diorreah.

    Definitely learned by lesson. Next time i'm hoping for a vbac but if i end up with a section, i'll definitely be taking things much easier xx
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