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Elective C Section date

Had my 28 week check up and scan at the hospital yesterday morning!!! had a lovely scan and baby is growing well x x

Didn't see my consultant this time but met the senior reg. Told me that they are happy for now but want to see me at 36 weeks for another scan and check up then announced that they usually deliver at 39 wks. Which would take me to decemeber 15th and then asked me and hubby if we were happy with that date!?!?! image I was very shocked and nodded my head and they said great we'll book you straight in!! So there we are sat in the consultants room being booked in for 8am 15th december for the section, with pre op booked for 14th!!

So i have it all in black and white our gorgeous boy will be with us 15th december!!!

Am so excited




  • yay you have a date to work to.

    only hope my hospital are agreeable and go for 39 weeks will be 16th december , be home for xmas. x
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