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Increased discharge in late pregnancy

Hi ladies. Just wondered if anyone else is experiencing more discharge in these final weeks? Don't think it is my plug though as not really very blobby/clumpy and not tinged with blood. I know its fairly normal, just thought I would see if anyone else is experiencing this? Sorry if tmi!

Pickles 36+5 x


  • I had loads during my final weeks with DD2 (to the point I asked MW whether my waters had gone I felt damp constantly, she advised no and that my clothes would be drenched if they had :lol: ) It could be your cervix starting to dilate as baby starts to work downwards.
  • I have this at the moment, and often feel damp, but my MW said as long as it doesn't smell, isn't discoloured, and doesn't itch, or sting when you go to the toilet, its nothing to worry about!

    Jo xx
  • i had this as well. often worried it was amniotic fluid i felt so damp. not pleasant but normal image
  • Mine is often quite creamy (sorry Tmi). A couple of times I have seen a little blob about the size of a 1p coin! x
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