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retained placenta :( advice plzzzz

hiya i had my second baby almost 3 weeks ago and spent the night in hospital last night as i had heavy bleeding had a scan today and it showed 2 bits of placenta still there around 4cm altogether big, they didnt want to give me a d&c as there are risks so soon after giving birth so have sent me home with antibiotics and said i will probably get another big bleed and should hopefully past these bits, and if i get severe bleeding to the point where it wont stop/settle down abit then go straight to hospital! well now im worrying bad about constant bleeding!! i just want these bits to come out and blood to stop.

has anyone had this?? and will these bits come out and wont be as bad as what im picturing it to be?? please help xx


  • Hi hon, try and relax, odd as it sounds your body knows something doesn't belong and will find a way to reject it. With DD1 I lost a lot of blood with a 3rd degree tear & bled significantly for 8wks after whilst things righted themselves again. As long as you are not doubled over with abdomanal pain with the bleeding then all will right itself given time.
  • Wanted to add if you're breastfeeding then you'll more than likely pass them with the afterpains contractions, just like a big glob/blood clot.
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